In Search of Significance

When we go beyond the basic bodily desires, the greatest desire of all is the desire of significance. Each and every human wants to feel significant but it varies from each other due to choice of audience. Some want to be significant before the world and some just before self. Many want to be seen as a significant one before selected set of friends, society or co-workers.

Pure Bliss
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Our eyes look for that audience every moment and in order to satisfy that selected audience we seek money, power, dresses, makeup etc. When we don’t find the selected audience is making us feel significant we try to engage in activities that gives us the feeling of being significant like, shopping, entertainment, social media attention, intoxicating substances etc. But unfortunately these are short-lived.

Few enlightened ones can keep the audience limited to self. This helps them remain calm, satisfied and always happy. When audience is self, the actions mostly involves service to others in solitude, mostly anonymous and immediate exit after the service is given. Intention is to not get corrupted by attention.

The ones among the enlightened ones who overcome bodily desires are the ones who experience absolute bliss.

Many a may say what’s the point in living without any desires alive but the experienced in this path have often described their experience which is infectious, attractive and worth a try.


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