Possible, it is

Possibility is a word with unbound hope, optimism, and aspiration. You do not know what you can achieve until it is achieved.

We enjoy rags to riches stories as that shows us possibility when everything looks impossible. We celebrate good over evil because it shows us possibility where winning was perceived impossible.

Whether story or life, it becomes a blockbuster when possibilities are explored and achieved. Challenges in life are faced to nudge you and trigger that extraordinary ability that is dormant in you to explore possibilities from the ocean of impossible.

If you bring a fist of sand from a sandy desert or a sea beach, nobody will find it amusing nor you. But when you find a pearl from an ocean, then it will be your prized possession.

What do we need to find possibilities when the world around looks like an impossible place?

  • A positive attitude that demonstrates undeterred belief in yourself
  • Constant move (few wrong, few rights) in whichever way you can think, your eyes can see. Don’t waste time planning too much.
  • Count smaller wins and cherish them. Pamper yourself with positive reflections. Do things that will give your guaranteed success, however small it may be.

But it will be easier said than done. So you have to ensure, You surround yourself with friends and family who will protect you from getting negative or demotivated.

Choose companionship of individuals (however close they may be) who will demotivate or remind you of your inabilities or weaknesses carefully.

Possibility is a journey, continue exploring till you seize to exist.

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