5 Distractions to Magnificence

Looking at he beautiful creation at the nearby park I was amused. How did a small ant build such a magnificent structure. Looked around for the creators and spotted them.

“Hello Gentlebeings! Have few questions? Can you answer?”

“If you walk along we can, but can’t stop for you. Sorry!”

I agreed and asked, “How do you create such beautiful anthills? You are so tiny and this is so big structure?”

One of the leading ants responded, “When you know how to do, you utilize all your physical and mental faculties to do the act and you have no expectation than just doing the act wholeheartedly, your end result is ultimate.”

“I also know how to do so many things well but my creations are mediocre. Why is it so difficult?”, I asked.

“Because the focus is not on the journey or pleasure of the action but on the

  • Beauty of the creation
  • Reaction of people
  • Gains or losses after it is created
  • Getting the work done so that we can move to another
  • Different sensory needs

These are inbuilt distractions created by nature to differentiate between a good and great. When you know how to successfully avoid them you will get your masterpiece created.”

“True but how to avoid?”, I asked.

“Engaging with the act like the act is no different than you. Like you breathe. Do you ever answer anybody asking you ‘what are you doing?’ that ‘you are breathing’. Because it’s part of you living, life and you.”

They entered into small holes in the tree and I could not wait long for them to return. They did not even bother to say good bye to me. I would do that to any of my admirers. But then I recalled, in the journey of creating magnificence you don’t bother about the reactions of people. So I returned home.


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