Do you exist?

“Your existence is dependent on others. You can not exist if you are left alone. Don’t you feel you should be more humble?”, River asked the creeper which was boasting itself by describing how a passerby praised by saying that these creepers are the main attraction of the landscape.

“You creepers are such useless bunch of creatures, I am sure creator must have been repenting after creating you”, River continued.

Humble cloudy sky kept quiet but was not happy with the choice of words.

“You come to each element like a close friend and then try to get the best out of them. But in no time you overpower them and they sieze to exist in front of this world. How mean and ungrateful you are?”, River continued venting.

Creeper was keeping quiet knowing river is very angry and will never understand any word uttered now but could not resist.

Creeper cleared its throat and said, “None of us exist by ourselves, we all exist because we co-exist. We do not have any identity just our own. If you take one by one every entity which is not you, you will go non-existent. If earth would not exist there will be no river. If your source and destination will not exist you will be a different entity. If organisms cohabitating with you will be taken away, you will stink. Most importantly if water is taken away, there is nothing called river. We all are non-existent when anybody focuses ‘just’ on us. So there is no difference between you and me.

You have a different purpose hence different principles and different path to follow and mine is different. So is true for every creation here. Hence telling my way better than yours is like comparing sun with moon.”, It looked at sky. Sky was little puzzled now as the topic is coming towards it. In order to divert attention it started adjusting the cloud positions.

Accept everyone the way they are, they will make you look beautiful

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