After you are gone

Empty Seat

We assume ownership of our seat on this world, society and within organisations as if it was meant for us. As if it will cease to exist when you are absent. We tie the seat with our existence. We think we created it and will destroy it. We feel it has no meaning or value when we are not there.


The reality is you are just a mere temporary occupant there. You will be remembered for the dance of ego you did when you were the occupant. The imperfections in your posture will be extrapolated.

You may ask, what about the good deeds? Yes they will be remembered based on the impact you made on them.

Your intentions will be questioned on the basis of the impact you had made to different people.

People who got positively impacted will hold your legacy tight and sing praises of your noble intention and people who got negatively impacted will try to burn and destroy your legacy and will deafen the world by the loud expression of your malicious intentions.

Your stories will be told to many with their interpretation and their interpretations of your intentions will be framed and reframed till it serves the purpose.


As an occupant of any seat in this world remember, the temporary stance.

Be yourself as anyway you will be judged by both.

Do your duty that pleases your soul as anyway your intentions will never be understood fully.

Be selfless in your attitude as nothing will find yourself after you are gone.


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