Diamond and You

Walking on the deserted streets is considered as a safer choice than it was earlier. Walking past Begur lake at 5:30 AM in the morning and listening to favorite books on Audible was a Divine combination.

A shining object at the lakeside caught my attention enough to stop the audiobook and walk towards it. It was a well-cut diamond solitaire on the grass next to a few empty jewelry boxes. It felt like somebody while discarding broken jewelry boxes have thrown a diamond into the garbage.

Photo by u0422u0430u0442u044cu044fu043du0430 u0427u0435u0440u043du044bu0448u043eu0432u0430ud83cudf52 on Pexels.com

Like you are thinking, I was sure it must not be diamond as no human with even a peanut-sized brain would do that. But my belief was being severely attacked by the shining object.

I took it near a streetlight and could see the cuts. I am no jeweler but have a bit of sense in that subject being a family man. It was shining enough to light up my imaginations and prove to me what I was adamant not to believe.

“Yes, Its a diamond worth few a million rupees” I was a bit nervous now. I was not sure about my next steps that would be approved by my values and my wisdom. I could see the apartment in front of the lake was all sleepy as no lights were on, and the security guard found it as the best time to sink into a comfortable world. Few milk and paper distribution men were rushing from place to place had no time to look at the world around. Morning walkers were not many, as it was still dark.

Photo by Tembela Bohle on Pexels.com

Diamond worth a million in my right hand and weighing it against my values and wisdom held in left. I started walking towards home with some asynchronous steps. Sun’s preparation to rise was evident, but the night was getting darker for me. I could feel that value dropped from my hand as I was running, and I did not risk stopping and pick. I kept running. The first time in my life, I held an object that I have not earned, but as wisdom in my hand gave its approval and dropped value, could not respond as I moved on.

I was getting breathless and sweating like crazy. I decided to sit on a cement bench on the roadside to pause for a moment. I was holding the diamond in my fist so tightly that it started hurting my palm. I opened my palm to re-examine.

Aghast! It was not shining anymore. I took it with index and thumb and moved it around to see its shine against the rising sun but no shine at all. It is just a piece of stone. Disappointed as well as relieved at the same time. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the bench.

I could feel my heartbeat, my lungs trying its extra bit to supply oxygen, and limbs trembling.

“Why I am always so unlucky. Forget about the fortune that I was hoping I got; I have never got the credit that I am worth. Why I never get what I am worth. I have seen the world get things they do not deserve, and I don’t even get what I deserve”, I was complaining to myself.

The sweet voice of conscience found its opportunity to speak,

“You are worth as much as you think, but it is realized when other’s feel the same.

“You thinking of your worth more than what others think of you or other think of you more than what you feel about yourself does not result in getting the credit for your worth.

“You and others must think of your worth in synchronization to get the credit, reward, or opportunities. This is also misunderstood as ‘luck.’

“We may argue that talent is required to achieve success. Right, but just having talent that others can not recognize is as good as not having the talent.

“Realise that potential in you and try to ensure worth recognizes that. Bring that synchronization I am waiting to see in you. Good luck”

I opened my eyes to a brighter world of awareness and looked at the dead stone in my hand and could see it shine. Again tried with different angles, it kept shining like a diamond would.


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