Bad or Happy times are a Myth

The entire family was rejoicing, the birth of a baby in the family after a long time, and the father of the baby got promoted to the designation he was longing for many years. Everybody called god times have come to your family after many years.

During this same time, the grandfather of the baby was developing pancreatic cancer, and the organization of the baby’s mother was planning for a layoff which this family was unaware of. In a few months, grandfather’s pancreatic cancer was detected as a terminal state, and the mother of the baby lost the job. Everybody said, there is a bad time for this family.

During the exact time, a company of repute decided to offer the mother of the baby for a larger and more prestigious role, which she applied for a few months back, considering her company situation was not good. A doctor of international repute studied the case of the grandfather and concluded that a minor surgery could help him live for a few more years, and it is a rare case where this treatment is possible. This good news was not in the awareness of the family.

This shows how little we are aware of our situation. Out of millions of things that are happening to us, we are just aware of a few. We take that as a sample and tag out time or situation without much thought.

I do not understand the concept of a bad time and a good time. If you are aware of few ‘not favorable’ situations about your life, you are swift enough to call it a bad time, and if you become aware of few ‘favorable’ incidents in your life, you do not delay calling it a good time. While in both cases, you are not aware of many other non-favorable as well as favorable situations relating to you.

It will be appropriate to say whether you are personally feeling happy or sad at any moment. By calling it good or bad time, you are just trying to extrapolate your sadness or unhappiness to a grand scheme divine conspiracy so that you feel worse or better of your situation.

I would highly recommend to keep the sadness and happiness to the specifics and focus on building walls around your situation not to let external forces take advantage of your weakness of the moment and exaggerate that.

A sad or happy state of mind is the most appropriate time to listen to you your true self and understand the mask that separates yours from the real self.

Happy listening to yourself.

The happiness Warrior


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