That little extra

Everything was okay dring the day. for Seema She got her work done as expected. Nobody complained or expressed any dissatisfaction to the quality of work she did. There was no pending work.


She is feeling incomplete. She is not sure what was missing. But she is very sure that she not feeling right.

She reached home, took care of kids, dinner, family and all were good but she is not feeling happy about the day when she is going to bed.

What is missing?

Do you feel something simmilar? Do you know what is missing?

Approval from the society!

If any colleague or boss at work would have shared kind words which would have made her feel somebody noticed her work, that would have made her day.

If family members would have spend few minutes with her asking some questions to know how she is feeling, would have made her day.

We all are starving for attention, appreciation and approval throughout the day. No favor is expected, just noticing what we are doing, how we are doing and what we could have done differently would make our day.

But everybody is busy in getting their Attention, Approval and Appreciation so nobody has time for us.

If we just change the equation a bit by giving attention, appreciation and apporval, you will find you start getting it and leading to a happier society.

What you have to do is easy, just notice people around you, how they are doing their work or chores, their facial expression, body language and the words they exchange. Share some kid words to them about their work. Need not be appreciation always, can be a question about what you observed, may be feedback on what you observed or clarifying questions to understand what you observed. Just keep in mind, intention is to ensure they feel they got the attention and your words were kind and true.

You will see how the world around you changes over time. It will be a more happier world and you will be surrounded by kinder people.

Your Happiness Warrior

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