The Journey

It is a long journey for Suraj. It almost started with eternity and since then it kept going. Non-stop and never ever slowed down. I remember the timid beginning when this little one was scared of everything and everyone around. It took everybody’s permission before doing any simple task which mattered to nobody. But it mattered to the little one. Every task seemed tricky and complicated, whereas for others it was just a simple set of actions. Others around it were privileged, with smartness to quickly understand and implement any learning. They made significant progress with the efforts which Suraj took days, months and even years to learn and implement. It knew its inability to learn quickly hence never rested. It had no extraordinary quality to be observed or even to give any importance except the fact that it learnt continuously. It learnt every moment from every thing around it. It learnt by observing others with great patience and respect.

With this beginning and the progress it felt Suraj would never reach even the mediocrity. But the sparkling eyes and undying spirit never permitted Suraj to rest even for a while. It kept trying to grow and survive in this competitive world. It was like that seed after being swallowed by the bird found its place between two rocks where there was no scope of life. Accumulated dust and mist gave it the only hope to live and today it has become a small plant at nowhere. Any moment a grazing goat can end its existence but it never hesitated to continue the journey.

Several odds came its way to mar the thought of survival, forget about growth despite that it continued to use its one and only weapon; learn from everything, every day. In few years it was counted among mediocre and it was a reason for celebration. It now felt it is equal among all. While all other equals were sobbing as they wanted to be the best, Suraj was celebrating its journey to mediocrity.

There came a time when you are considered as grown up. Society now started labelling you as successful or not. Suraj was found to have left the averages long back and is in the league of winners. Now winners around it were finding Suraj as a competitor, a fierce competitor. Our hero is asked to give its best fight to stay as a winner but Suraj asks us to look at the journey. It does not matter at a particular point of time which position you stand, what matters is whether you are making progress or not. Whether you are making progress in right direction or not. Is your journey taking you towards the destination you are looking for or not.


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