My Loud Thoughts: Assumption

I am unable to get this word out of mind since past couple of weeks. So, finally decided to write it out.

What is assumption?

Everything is an assumption. Whenever a new data point comes to you, you start calibrating the level of confidence on this data point. If you find it higher in level of confidence then you consider this as truth and if you find it lower then its a lie but if it is in between then its assumption.

What is your scale for calibration? What is truth?

Well, it varies. Some times an information from your percieved trusted source, is enough to consider it as true and some other times, you need enough number of people with moderate level of trust as per your perception, to say the same thing to call it as truth.

Interestingly, At times the opposite of the information what a person whom you do not trust is saying is considered as truth.

Hmm.. So, is there anything called truth?

Yes, there is always ‘your truth’. The information that makes your feel logical is your truth. Logical does not mean with scientific evidences but what your logic can make you convince that it is trur or not.

But if you are looking at a truth that is agreed by all who exist, have existed and will come to existance, then we must call it absolute truth. And there is nothing called absolute truth. There are truths which are agreed by all which you may call as absolute truth but beware you may get disappointed by an upcoming research so let’s not get into that.

There is only truth which we must make peace with, i.e. your truth. The only challenge with this is, people around us are carrying their truth as well and it may not be same as our truth.

Then what would you call the truth that people around you carrying with them which does not align to your truth? Lie?

It is their truth. You may find temporary comfort in considering it as lie or falsehood but would not bring peace in and around you with that thought.

Here comes the a more supierier truth.

World is diverse and plural. We may recognize the difference between different animals and objects but we sometimes confuse with the thought that all humans are equal or different.

Then we differentiate by sex, race, color and nationality but it does not satisfy us completely. We differentiate them by other various parameters. Still we don’t feel satisfied. Then we start labeling them to differentiate. This effort is not to make ourselves believe that each human is different but to find a group of people who are same as us. When we are a kid we consider entire world as our family and we start finding the dissimilarities to bring our unique identity. When we grow old we have done so many labling and match making that we understand we are alone and unique in this world even we find our siblings are very different from us. There is one more thing that changes with this. when we are a kid we consider that there is one truth whch is aboslute and through our journey of life we realize that there is multiplicity in truth.

Hmm.. Complicated?

Yes, it is complicated without one ingredient.

It is so different and unrelatable that finding a common ground is impossible. But there is one element that can help us uncomplicate it.

That is ‘compassionate understanding’.

If we accept the world around us the way it is. Give patient hearing to every voice that comes towards us. We look at this world with compassion and with a mentality to serve then magically the greater devide between truth and untruth vanishes. When we consider plurality and accept diversity that exists within human race as well as the diversity that exists with all living non-living things around us we find solace.

Once you achieve that, you do not see any assumptions exist.

Its all truth. Because you accepted everyones truth and stopped comparing between truths.

You will be able to hear one sound every where, “I exist and I am important”. The moment you acnowledge them with compassionate understainding and respond, “You are important for me and you are my world”, you will find the world around you so beautiful.


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