Journey is Destination

“There is an accident in 100 meters but you are on the fastest route. You will reach your destination at 9:00 AM”, Google Map informed me.

Journey is Destination

Arriving at destination, achieving what we need to achieve, getting the desirable, has become our primary focus.

We plan weekend ahead of time and eager to reach there and weekdays are our journey which we want to finish somehow.

Promotion or the desirable role is so important that we sometimes do not care what we are doing today is important and valuable or not.

We forget that people exist around us. We might be their destination. They might have made their journey hoping to meet us or seek our help.

Colleagues around us might have hoped to see us to get help in their job or career but we looked insanely busy to meet our destination so they could not.

Parents might be waiting to speak few words when we return from work but we looked so busy, disturbed or tired that they thought of waiting another day.

Person who met with an accident on the road might be needing us to take him to hospital but just saw us to pass by hoping ambulance or somebody else will take care.

Let’s assume destination is everything. Write down how many goals you achieved in life till date. How important they look today to you? Do you get equally excited about it as you used to feel when you were striving to achieve it? Is it worth to call it a life which lists few dozens of goals we achieved?

Life is a journey, death is the destination. If you love life then live every moment of it as if that is the destination, people around you are the ones who will make your life wonderful, not the ones who are not present at the moment.


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