Umapada days

Sitting on a verge of a pond and watching the surface of water is no lesser than a deep meditation. In our childhood that was our most relaxing place to spend time with friends when not playing on ground. Our most entertaining moment was when we used to compete with each other on throwing stones on the surface and the winner was the one who can make the stone to bounce more before it dips in water.

After almost 30 years I got the opportunity to sit on a verge of a pond. Nothing much different in the feeling and the ambience. I was about to throw a stone on the surface of the pond to see if I can still get it bounce on water surface when I heard a grave voice, “What are you doing here?”. I turned back to see an old man with glow in his face but clothes were as dirty as a homeless.

There was a beautiful temple next to the pond and people often visit there in the morning  and evening. In our school days a strange looking priest was in charge of the temple. Although he used to stay in the temple and eat whatever the devotees who visited temple offer in the temple but the temple was open for only couple of hours in the morning and couple of hours in the evening for devotees to pray. We kids used to think that he is a Tantrik (Mystic). We all used to address him as baba.

At a first glace I could not recognize this man but upon recollecting I found he is the same baba from our school days. The most surprising part was he has not grown as old as he should have been considering I am seeing him after 35 years.

At first I recalled the kind of chill we used to get in our spine when we used to see him and got a bit scared. But then I realized that I am a grown up man now.

He came close tome and said, “Are you from this village?”. I responded, “I used to stay here long back. I used to study in the school and pointed my finger towards the school. I know you”.

“You know nothing!”, He laughed and said.

to be contd…


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