Get Bored

Thoughts intertwined and entangled trying to come out of the rigid mind but unable to. They struggle for days, give up for days and again start the struggle with renewed energy but could not succeed at all in past few months.

Today morning somehow a small thought managed to escape and came out. I thought it will jump with joy of freedom and then run out to meet its friends. But no! It stopped exactly in front of me with a bold face with shades of frustration and extreme courage demonstrated by its body posture. I was sipping tea and watching television. I paused the TV and made eye contact. But could not for long. It’s courage and confidence invoked the guilt feeling in me to such an extent that I stopped the television as well as the super excited news anchor who was about to hang a person in his virtual court room.

Its constant stare made me uncomfortable. I could not stay in this discomfort for long. I shouted at it, “What?!!!”

“You know better. But let me tell you my dear friend the truth. The thoughts in your head are extremely frustrated with your indifference towards them. They cook so nice ideas for you with lots of absorption, observation, and intellect but you prefer consuming dirty, stale and unproductive thoughts delivered to you by the evil thought-sellers on television, youtube and other mediums.”, It said.

“But I was watching the news to keep myself updated about whats going on around the world”, I explained innocently.

“What will happen if you do not?” It asked.

“I will have no idea what’s going on around the world and I will become unsmart. You need to be up to date in current world”, I replied.

“Huh!”, It smiled.

“What Huh?”, I was annoyed.

“Your mind has much power to generate pure and unique information that no medium of communication humans invented can supply. It can process data without any bias and come up with great information which no other can provide you. It connects itself with the greatest network available on this cosmos which connects all enlightened minds and communicate.”, It said.

“Huh!”, I laughed to make it feel bad.

“I know you will not understand but my dear friend you are missing a great deal of wisdom due to some useless junk. When you stop your senses to feed information or signals to your brain for a significant period of time your brain will hook itself to the cosmic network. We all thoughts in your brain are ready to act but your constant input of bad information is killing us. We are feeling suffocated.”, It said.

“Please collect information of external world that you really need. Do not make information gathering as a pass time. Watching television, spending the time on social media for information gathering or sharing an opinion is a non-productive pass time.”, It said.

“Then I will get bored!”, I shared my frustration.

“Get Bored to get wise!”, It said and vanished.

-Stray Dog






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