Parting Song : Goodbye my Friend

No Music, No Orchestra, No singer around but I can hear the music, orchestra and a beautiful song. Song so loud that, it woke me up at 4:00 AM despite body yet to recover from a long tiring previous day.

I woke up to listen to the song carefully and feel the music. Upon attention, I could hear every instrument distinctly.

I thought of focusing on each of them carefully. First that caught my ear is the flute. Flute that was conveying the beautiful friendships that were made in past nine years. Friendship that at times went beyond every possible boundary to some which remained comfortable in formal boundaries. Some where give and take took precedence to some where materials were irrelevant. Some broken friendship by natural force and some died unnaturally. Some brought tears which was difficult to hide but some where tears only I could see. There were some where I could express clearly my feelings about my friends and at times could not carry the weight of heavy feelings on my lips. But end result was a beautiful friendship that I shall cherish during my remaining journey.

Ahh! I could hear the drums so clearly. The boldness that was shown in these nine years of existence. Some very proud of, some I feel unnecessary and many where I feel knew I was wrong. Some at work place and some at society in general. But when I observed closely I found mostly these boldness were synthetic and hardly any spirit in them

A beautiful synthesizer was trying to draw my attention now. Reminding me the journey of human growth in these years. Despite mistakes, madness, wrongdoings the overall journey looks rewarding. A self-centered software engineer evolved as a lesser self-centered human being with new skills, new energy, new confidence and many more new friends.

Music was somber yet showing the path more rewarding with countless more opportunities to learn from with or without mistakes.

When focused on the voice of the singer I could clearly recognize the voice. It was me. When I asked the singer what’s the name of this music, it said,

“Goodbye my Friend”



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