Speed breakers

Life truly has something big for you than what you just missed or lost. You can’t hold or preserve success or failure can never be there with you always. Looking back at the real incident in the blog below I realized how painful it was and moreover how painful it was to show a happy and confident face before near and dear ones after failure. After almost 14 years I realize that the perseverance or strength to fight back once again with zeal and enthusiasm is not as much as it was 14 years back. May be this depreciation is called growing old. If you want to stay young then the only parameter that you must keep in mind is, ‘With how much enthusiasm you are fighting back to overcome failures’.
Happy Reading
– Stray Dog

Life as Sakti

“You know what, you will get the job this time” my fiend said after asking 20 odd questions in Java and getting right answers from me. “If you clear the written test then interview will be a cake walk” he continued. I smiled at him, felt very good and I was confident too. When others who have job can not answer these questions then why can’t I get the job. Went out of the room, took Rs 200 from his purse and shouted “taking 200,  will return you after I get the job” and went to catch the train so that I can reach the examination hall in time. Not to mention that I had to wrestle to get into the train and get out too but reached the destination in time. Tried to fix the creases in the shirt and wipe out the sweat from forehead and walked…

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