Looking Through the window

looking through window

It’s very rare when we look at the world the way it is. The world is just a reflection of our current state of mind plus some interpretation of our senses. If I am feeling cold in a hot summer because I am sitting is a cold cabin of an air-conditioned office, I feel as if rest of the world around me feels the same. If I am tired and need rest, I expect people around me also sit down and relax. If I am full of energy and ready to break all world records then I expect all sensible man and woman should be as active as me.

A recent occurrence of probable road-rage where I was a party taught me this. I left home with a very good mood and with extra high spirit because everything since I woke up happened as I wanted them to happen. With the erratic traffic where people follow the rules ‘meant for walking’ while ‘driving’, my car moved few inches to the left which caused a slight push to a two-wheeler driver. I was happy and singing in my own beautiful (nobody agrees though) voice to entertain myself inside my Air-conditioned car and ignored the inconvenience I caused to the two-wheeler driver. It was hot outside and the two-wheeler driver stopped me. While continuing my song, I parked my car to the extreme left of the road and got down. The two-wheeler driver dragged me to show the damage I made to his bike and demanded to pay for the damage. I could understand by looking at the damage that it was not something that happened at that moment. I politely apologized for the inconvenience I have caused but told him my understanding which he did not agree. He wanted to go to the police station to settle the matter. I agreed instantly with a happy and confident attitude. Rather than moving towards the nearest police station he continued to demand for money and tried to drag the discussion towards apathy of four-wheeler drivers towards others. Somehow I was still in very good mood and did not react at all. In few minutes when he found I am not reacting to the situation he withdrew himself from dragging it further and started his bike and left.

This could have been a very bad situation if I would have reacted a bit and showed my frustration or irritation. But I did not do that because I was in a very good mood and entire world seemed very understanding to me.

I am sure the other person would not have not started his day well hence he saw the entire world around him bad.

This problem happens in many places, example, when the working member of the family comes home after finishing a day long work and expect everybody must be as tired as he/she is but unfortunately it is difficult for others to understand the state.

So, we all look this world from our own small window and we expect the whole world is as good or bad as we are. But that’s usually not true hence it creates conflicts. As we can’t change the world around us, our efforts should be to maintain our inner peace and strength so that we give a fair look at the world around us. Here I must note that inner peace does not come naturally, it requires us to put serious effort to achieve this. But it is worth the effort because nobody can affect you badly if you maintain your inner peace.


– Stray Dog



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One thought on “Looking Through the window

  1. Sakti, yes, the ability to stay calm in a heated situation is not easy especially when faced with so many pressures in our daily lives. It takes discipline and practice, but as you pointed out it can prevent many situations from turning toxic.

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