Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

A smooth passage to reach our destination is what we always want. Most of the thinking and action is to make sure our result is good and the journey is smooth. We can to live a smooth life so that our tomorrow is better than today.

We take learnings from life when it is convenient for us and we are in good mood. We hardly put effort to listen. Most of the times we give different priority to things around us than what priorities life expects us to set.

In order to make our tomorrow better we need more money (Might not be true), family support, friends company, and positive ambiance.

How to achieve all these?

  • We work hard at our job that gives us money for living,
  • We try to come home early so that we can spend time with family and friends.
  • We involve and raise voice against the things that are spoiling our ambiance or society.

Good start to pass through the present to make tomorrow better.

But it never remains the same. Sometimes your job demands you more attention and sometime your family or friends and sometime your society. As our intention is to just pass through, we just pick one most important thing and fulfill its demand assuming that others will be waiting for us to take action. When we return from one the other priority in life reaches to an unmanageable situation  so we have no other way than giving more than 100% attention to that. And this continues. We remain busy handling just one at a time and others go out of our hand.

By the time we get time to realize, we find that the tomorrow for which we were preparing is already gone and we are now in a different present where we never wanted to be. But now there is nothing we can do to bring back those wasted days, we just give up and stay satisfied with whatever we have.

Just passing through is not journey, just focusing on tomorrow is not life. Life is the breath you just took and all thoughts and emotions which got activated with that breath. If that breath activated negative thoughts or emotions in your mind then just take that breath out of your life’s count. Prepare for the next breath so that it activates positivity within you and which in turn will spread positivity around you. If you failed, try until you succeed. These efforts will make your life better and all the components that you want to be  will fall in its proper place.

(Re-posting as Journey as I find that’s more right)


– Stray Dog


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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

    1. Actually he was drunk after having country liquor 🙂 definitely after a hard days work (Journey). But your interpretation is what I meant.

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