Journey to Bharat III

Continued from Journey to Bharat II

I was not very sure why she is telling me that not knowing Anatomy or not teaching Biology to science student has to do with cast. I asked her, “What do you mean?”.

“Not letting everybody know the basics of all different aspects of life is a crime. It is like a person from business family (Viasya) not allowed to learn the philosophy or do further research as that is a domain Families from Research community (Bramhin) should only venture out. A person from research community (Bramhin) should not do the work of Cleaning/Services as it is meant to be done by services community (Sudra). This is something introduced to Indian society during middle age and this is the root cause of many problems that still exists in current India. Every child should be raised with all necessary knowledge like Biology, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Arms practice, philosophy till they gain the basics of all these. Once they gain the basics they should be given freedom to choose the direction they are willing to take. Education can not be time bound or restricted to specific subjects. If we do so then we are creating a herd of partially intelligent fools who are more dangerous to the society than the criminals.” She explained.

I felt little bad as she referred me as partially intelligent fool as well. Anyway, I did not disagree with what she said but was curious to know how she identified that some of my chakras are not functioning properly. I asked, “Can you tell me how you found that I have some chakras which are not functioning correctly?”.

She said, “It is a big subject and would require time to explain. I can identify from your behavior which chakras are affected. It is like 7 wheels in different parts of your body aligned to your spinal chord. Each one is in charge of certain vital parts of your body. Well functioning chakras create positive vibrations which also affects the mood of people around you without you speaking or doing anything. When two persons chakras are aligned, they feel good in each others company. Affected chakras can be rectified by proper food, exercises and meditation. I will help you fix them don’t worry.”

“But what about my family waiting for me?”, I asked.

To be continued …


– Stray Dog


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6 thoughts on “Journey to Bharat III

  1. Ladies souls are being made to raped and even souls ‘s souls are brought and some thing is given in stomach and it is happening under under and the stomachs, happening for revenges . in my eyes was seen a human body was pushed into holes , under groung in earth , how humans are born same way sending back . is it not shame full even for great mothers , great humans and their sons are doing like such kind of things for revenges . please requests you to request and pray to stop ans save every soul .what ever punishment is should be given on the earth only infront of all.

    in india ,tamilnadu ,human souls are taken under earth ,under rocks ,even to several thousnds kilometers under rocks,taking old revenges ,vengenes ,conspirancies ,polatics and given different shapes .in sevrages and made like aliens .taking under earth and beating and burning .please save to every one,every molecules and request to bring all the souls ,creatures from under earth to on earth .and requests to request not to spoil souls and humans.please save from pains sufferings .please save .requests to request to make to stop all quarrells and taking under earth and hells and spoiling souls .
    taking revenges, taking under earth alive , several thousnds kilometers under earth , even to center of the earth, where no body can be able to find out , under rocks .even converting souls (atamas) to pieces the size of molecules even to newtron, proton size so that no one can search .buring alive .beating , cutting parts of boby of (souls) atama , sending to hell the place where no body sees , making aliens and like aliens from human .joining different souls atamas giveing unnatural shapes .breaking soul cutting hands , legs .stomach ,toungs,seprating layers of body and souls . spoil of budies brains , spoiling souls , kundlanies shakties ,nurves systems ,spoiling humans ,beating souls ,human micro soul powers .
    From the time of old vedic (india ancient scriptures time) .puranic stories (indian ancient) time and stories, curses of rishes (saints) devtas (angles) asurans (satans, devatas quarrels ) Ramanya , Mahabharata enemities, conspirancies ( षङयत्रॅ ) cheatings ,dirty polatics , mistakes ( THAT TIME MAY BE MISTAKES OF ONE OR TWO PERSONS ) ,old revenges are taking place still going on. due to some bad budhies (wisedom) ( बुदधि ) bad thoughts , bad understanding , egos , and adamant natures ( हठ ) ,blaming each others, those enemities and revenges has brought to this level . now it has taken very destruction .
    2 ) if at those ancients times some wise peoples would have taken wise decissions for the betterment for each others and others , no ramayana, no mahabhartha , no war ,no fight ,no quarrels , in puranic (ancients) times and now nothing would have not taken place

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