Shining me

While cleaning my house I found a shining little thing on one corner. Curiosity started building up. Went to the corner to examine what it is. I found that, not one but many shining objects lying there. They were my temporary pleasure items. They were patriotism, humanity, care for not so fortunate class of the society and many such. On various occasions they came to my mind and heart to decorate my character but in this strange race of survival I threw them to some or other corners. I used them to show-off my greatness via many written articles, micro logging sites, social networking sites etc. I really never let them get absorbed into my real character but wore them for a while for temporary pleasure. Now should I wear them once again to show-off or throw them into the dustbin to live a unburdened life? Absorbing them into my character or blood may be the ideal option but that should happen without any words but through only actions. Let me think. You will get to know what I really did soon.


-Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

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