Tete-e-Tete with Past : Gossip

“I have the permission to take decision on how to raise the kid who is going to represent future generation, talk to customers representing my company, take decision about the future of engineers but do not have permission to communicate people on a fun activity using a specific medium. Can’t understand the logic behind it.”, I said with lots of frustration. Dadu could see the shines of revolt sparkling in my eyes. Dadu smiled and asked, “With how many people have you spoken so far regarding this.”.

I turned towards him and thought,”How does this matter?” but didn’t ever like to challenge Dadu so said, “To couple of my friends.”.

“Was there anybody among the people whom you spoke was the person who told you not to send the kind of communication you are complaining about?”, Dadu asked. “No”, I said.

“This is the reason you are so frustrated. We occupy major portion of our mind with thoughts or emotions which have no meaning. When these kind of useless emotions and thoughts occupy most of our mind space, we get irritated and behave strange. It is necessary to free us your mind to help it run in an optimized way.”, Dadu said.

“But, how can you say that this thought is useless. I do not like something so the thought and emotion both are true. Not fake.”, I asked.

“Any thought not put into right use in front of right people is useless. Your friends may sympathize your frustration but can not help reducing it. They may suppress or aggravate it but can not solve it. Discussing disagreements with not appropriate people is known as gossip. This may be an age-old way how friends spend free time but it does do more harm than good. It develops negative emotions, negative impression about a person and ultimately causes frustration. So ultimately it affects us badly. Try discussing this with somebody who is stopping you from doing the activity which you think logically you should be allowed. Also, I would advice to keep an open mind because most of the times we overrate ourselves hence think we should be allowed to do many things. You taking crucial decisions in one front does not permit you to take decisions in another. So I would advice you to keep an open mind.”

I realized my mistake and thanked Dadu and left park to get ready for office. On thinking more about it I realized, I have been involved in gossips in various topics and that may be the reason I see dent in my self-esteem. Promised myself to take conscious attempt to avoid in future.


– Stray Dog


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