Back To Future … X

Sudden chest pain woke me up. It was a strange kind of pain. My left hand was paining severely as well. I got up to see that I was sweating badly. Pain was increasing with every second and it was gradually becoming unbearable. I shouted asking for help and attention. Hiya and her husband came running to my room. It did not take them more than a second to realize that it’s a heart attack. Hiya’s husband pressed a button to alert emergency services department of Vadodara municipal corporation. In no time one ambulance, fire brigade and some cops came to the door step. As soon as they realized that this is one medical emergency fire brigade and policemen left. They  took me to a hospital. They started treating me as soon as I entered into the ambulance. Then I was admitted in the hospital. I could not notice much due to severe pain. I slept after sometime and when I woke up in the morning, I found I was inside a hut and a tall, handsome gentleman wearing a white kurta and pyjama was standing in front of me. I thought , “May be I died and I am in heaven. This white clad man is god. Otherwise hut and all, in a hospital is impossible”. Interestingly I saw Hiya coming inside the room smiling and wished good morning to me to prove me wrong. Then I started feeling better but realized that something sticky is there all over my body, one nurse is moving a straw on my forehead slowly from one side to the other and repeating, Some kind of oil has been put on my hair and finally a small but strange machine is pressing different portions of my feet.  It was kind of a trap and for me all these were nothing more than a crap. On top of it, Veda Mantra’s are being chanted somewhere nearby.

In this modern age I expected most modern treatment, that to when I have enough money to spend. After sometime all left the room leaving me and Hiya alone. I called Hiya near me and asked her to withdraw money from my bank and use for my medical expenses. Hiya said, “All these are free Baba. Holistic Healthcare is a basic right as per Bharatiya constitution and they have best facilities in every city, town or village. So, don’t worry about money”. I said, “Then take me to some real hospital where they can scientifically treat me and get me cured. I do not want to be treated in these sadhu Baba type place. I never trust these people and these stone age unscientific treatments. What are these dirty pastes and foot tickling business in hospital?”.

Hiya’s husband came inside the room few minutes back and he could not control himself and said after a good laugh, “This is the best facility available in this world Baba. Here  their effort is to combine and use the best available healthcare practices known to human race to cure any disease. Like they immediately treated using allopathic on you last night and once the situation was in control they applied herbal pastes (Lep) on your body and herbal oil on your head to help make your blood thin so that it can pass through the minor blockages and help reduce the blockage. The straw treatment and acu-pressure, which you are calling as tickling business, is to keep you relaxed because this will help you reduce your blood pressure. There is a machine monitoring every possible parameter of your body and doctor said you have improved a lot.”. I was impressed but was not able to tolerate the smell of the paste. Then one nurse came to take me for bath.

She took me in a wheel chair. There I found a big bathtub. With so much of leafs and roots floating. She added turmeric and what not in it. I asked her, “Do you want me to take bath or you are going to fry and eat me after this?”. She laughed and instructed me to get inside that. It was warm and very nice smelling. I was told to sit their for at least 45 minutes and then they gave me plain water to just wash my body and come back to the room. It was much like an herbal spa than a hospital sponging.

While coming from the bathing session, I saw different colors in every room. I asked the nurse the reason. She said, it is based on the kind of disease and the patients personality. The colour of the walls of the room will change with all these conditions to help you relax and feel good. I asked, “If I am fine, can I go home?”. Nurse replied saying, “This is a wellness center. Till we find the root cause of the problem why you got heart attack and provide you the detail instructions, we can not let you go. You have to stay for minimum one week. Your routine will start from tomorrow”. I said, “Why should I stay here for one week. I am fine, let me go home. My daughter will take care of me”. She was adamant and Hiya also supported her. I had to stay in a hospital although I was fine. I always hated hospitals and I never know if anybody ever loves a hospital stay. I understood Hiya supported nurse because she knows I will not listen to her if I am at home.

Their daily routine was very tough and strict. Early morning 5:00 AM, Pranayama, Warm up exercise and Yoga. Then from 6:30 AM religious program for 1 hours based on your belief. Then from 7:30 AM, delicious break fast. Sharp at 9:00 AM, a nurse will sit beside you and read books for you to help you relax. This usually happens in group. Then delicious lunch and they let us sleep for couple of hours. Then again religious program, dinner, story session and sleep. I could not realize how the 7 days went off. It was like a strict boarding school but still enjoyable. I felt much more energetic and young upon return.

Upon return I enquired about the details. I got to know that every house has an SOS button in every room. When this is pressed for 30 seconds continuously the an alert goes to crisis department. Rather than enquiring about the kind of service person needs, they send an ambulance, fire brigade and police. Based on the requirement people avail the service and others return. All ambulances are well equipped with instruments and talented staff.

Most of the services in hospital runs on solar/wind power The most neat place of the city is the hospital premises. Indian software engineers have designed and developed a beautiful software for Indian Government hospitals which helps people access healthcare data everywhere. Those days when we had to carry medical reports etc are gone. 

Every Hospital is like a vedic ashram. Full of trees, huts in place of cement houses to help maintain cool as well as keep your body in synch with atmospheric temperature. Regular yagna where they give arghya of various herbs in fire to maintain a good vibe in the area and help clear the air from unwanted elements. Bharatiya healthcare techniques, Chinese techniques as well as techniques from all over te world are used here in combination. There is a division of MS University which is works in association with the hospital for research and supply of healthcare staff. I was amazed and this was beyond my imagination. 

But still I would have preferred an AC private room in a cemented building with a Television in front of me and some machines around me than that ugly smelling lep and oil. But I do not have any control over this generation. Old mentality but I like it.


– Stray Dog   


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  1. That is the fitting blog for anybody who desires to find out about this topic. You understand so much its virtually laborious to argue with you (not that I really would need…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice!

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