Life Insurance!!??

“Hello!!!!”, My tone naturally changes to a harsh one, when I see an unknown number. Earlier I used to smile before picking up the phone and always ensure that I am polite while speaking over telephone. But after reaching to near bankruptcy due to polite acceptance of all credit cards, insurance policies and investments that were offered to me via telemarketers, and after changing phone numbers multiple times due to request from various service providers via telemarketing, my nature changed. Now a days I do not accept any product that is approached via telemarketing.

“Am I speaking to Mr. Sakti Prasad Bagchi?”. I said, “Yes”, In a harsh and grave voice.

“Sir, I am calling from a Life Insurance company, My name is Keshav”, he said in a pleasant voice. “I am Vijay Dinanath Chouhan from Agnipath!!! Who gave you my number to you? I will file a case against you people. I have registered my phone in National Do Not Call registry. How dare you call me?”, I said shouting at him.

“Sorry for the inconvenience Sir, But this is a plan which you need. This is a very good plan Sir!. In normal scenario you and your family will get benefitted.This is for your benefit only. In case of any untoward incidence, Your family will not face any problem in your absence.  Please allow me to speak to you about this plan. Sir!”. He said continuing his polite behavior. I said maintaining my harshness of voice intact, “Who will pay the premium, You? I do not have money to pay premium for my existing policies. If you will pay the premiums then I will take. Will you? ”. This statement has made many telemarketers to keep their phone as well as hope from me down, this is my ultimate weapon for them. I was about to cut the phone but heard him saying, “You need not pay any money, Sir. We just need your commitment to pay”

This statement was first of it’s kind and surprising. Commitment to pay is enough, no need to pay? I asked, “What do you mean?”. He said, “Will you please allow me explain the plan to you?”. “Go ahead!”, I responded.

He continued telling my personal details first. There is no way anybody would know about me in so much detail unless he is somebody from my family or one of my very close friends.I guessed it as a prank call from one of my friends, but there are some details he said were known only to me. I was bit scared. I thought, am I being monitored. I did not have courage to stop him and I just kept listening. After telling my personal details he started explaining the plan. I tried many times to stop him but could not. Something from within did not let me speak at all.

“This is a unit linked plan. You will invest in various institutions on a periodic basis. Your investment will grow many folds based on your dedication. At any point of time you or your family needs help there will be assistance.

Below are the institutions. You, Your family, Friends, Society, Nature and Country. No money can save your family irrespective of your presence or absence unless they have good health, positive mind, emotional as well as physical security, right thought process and hope.

Good health of your family depends upon your choice of food, dedication to physical exercise, choice of entertainment and sense of cleanliness. Your choice might not get accepted well by younger members initially but if you remain politely consistent and invest time and efforts in explaining this to them, they will certainly accept. So, you have to invest daily here. There can not be any better insurance than having a good body and mind.

Positive mind comes when there is happiness, attention, success. When you are happy and see people around you listening to what you are saying or helping you in your problems, it creates an environment for you to start thinking in a positive manner. If you succeed couple of times then thinking positively becomes your habit. Practice creating this kind of environment at home and in any circle you are associated with. When you radiate positive energy then others will automatically follow you. In order to get attention, you need to give attention selflessly. In order to get success, you need not wait for a big day or event. Everyday you succeed in many places but you ignore them. Start realizing the small successes you achieved every day every moment. You will become happy and mind will remain positive. After few days you will get habituated. If you and your family think positively then there will be no hurdle that can not be crossed with ease.

Immediate emotional and Physical security comes from friends. Making friends is absolutely important. I am not talking about Facebook or Twitter friends. Friends on whom you can bank on at any moment without bothering about what they will think. Invest in friendship. Here you need to first become their friend to get them as your friends. You need to help them selflessly at the time of need, you have to think about them and you have to be there near them without any invitation at the time of need. If you invest in them, then your family will be secured forever.

Long term emotional and Physical security comes from your investment towards your country. Fulfilling your duties, helping needy without any motive and taking care of your country yourself. You need to think about what is going around you and take appropriate action. Do not wait for others to start a movement so that you can click on ‘Like’ button in Facebook. You start real work in your neighborhood. If you have achieved the above then you will have friends to help you in tackling local issues. This way you will give a much safer and prosperous country to your children. They need that more than your money.” he said.

I asked, “Can you please tell me who are you? I agree with what you said but how you know so much about me? What kind of insurance company is this? Are you a preacher? Who are you?”

“Baba,.. Baba… I want to go to toilet. Baba.. Baba…” I heard in response. I realized that I was dreaming all of the above and Navneel was sitting on my chest and calling me as he wants to go to toilet.

I smiled at my dream but on second thought, it made some sense to me.. Good plan by the way.


– Stray Dog


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  1. ” Long term emotional and Physical security comes from your investment towards your country ” one more very good work….. 🙂

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