Bicycle and Me

“All those good ideas and easy to talk and debate but implementing is a different ball game”, my friend said on my ideas regarding buying a cycle and commuting to shorter distances by bicycle. He was absolutely right because I have made several attempts on several fronts and never brought them to implementation phase. EvenContinue reading “Bicycle and Me”


I selected a big chunk lines of software program code and I was about to delete by hitting on the delete button as I am in the process of rewrite. A software which had served 30+ years to humanity is being rewritten for better efficiency and maintainability. I was feeling proud of myself for being given thisContinue reading “Rewrite!!!”

Google – (Minus)

Energy can not be created or destroyed. The total resources available in this universe is constant. One takes the form of another and thus we see things and situations changing around us. Rise of something always causes fall of something else somewhere. Once you see one society/country/race/religion is at its peak and then one time comesContinue reading “Google – (Minus)”

Life Insurance!!??

“Hello!!!!”, My tone naturally changes to a harsh one, when I see an unknown number. Earlier I used to smile before picking up the phone and always ensure that I am polite while speaking over telephone. But after reaching to near bankruptcy due to polite acceptance of all credit cards, insurance policies and investments that wereContinue reading “Life Insurance!!??”

Tete-e-Tete with Past … VI (Friction in Relationship)

Ramesh’s complaints were never-ending. It is four years since he is married and he was missing from our friend circle since his marriage. It is since last couple of weeks he started again joining us college friends. He used to be one of the most caring and happy person in our group. He never caredContinue reading “Tete-e-Tete with Past … VI (Friction in Relationship)”

Chhote Ustad

“You are a genius. I must say your parents are lucky to have a child like you. I am sure you will make your parents very proud one day. God created you for a greater purpose. Your sense about music is divine.I almost forgot that I am listening to a 8-year-old child. May god bless you.Continue reading “Chhote Ustad”

The Shameless

It is since long I am talking and writing about self-restraint but not being able to achieve it for some of the things that I wish to achieve. I am not sure if anybody is like this, but I find a strange conversation between two different self within me. They always talk against each other likeContinue reading “The Shameless”

How I became spammer?

Mistakes are inevitable as long as you are alive. It is not always true that you did not know the repercussions and did something. When you saw the results, you realized that you made a mistake. Many a times you do something with a particular thing in mind and when you see the outcomes thereContinue reading “How I became spammer?”

Agnyatabasa – Staying in Disguise

Lonely road, cutting through a dense forest. Every small noise that different parts of this vehicle is making can be easily heard. The only other sound audible is the chirping of birds. Trees on both side of the road are looking down towards this vehicle as if they are annoyed by the sound that the carContinue reading “Agnyatabasa – Staying in Disguise”