One day at Inox

I was bit tired due to the heat. Roaming all day for some good food but hardly had any luck. I was sitting on top of a shop. When I peeped through the window, I could recognize that, it is a book store. Many readers browsing through the books and reading it. I laughed at these people, in the digital age these look like some odd men.But I thanked them, because of them we have less health hazards due to various kind of invisible but lethal rays.

Then flew from the building to the next one. That was a noisy building. I was surprised to see that people are given free coca cola’s for making a ‘Brrrr’ sound. It is strange that nobody is interested in beautiful sounds we make and they are getting entertained by that dirty ‘Brrrr’ sound. I am fine if they are not getting entertained by my sound but at least they can give me free drinking water. When they have money to give free coca cola to these ‘ugly sound making humans’ can’t they give us some grains and drinking water?

Then I saw a big billboard and there were big pictures of species of my communities, Birds.I found it very surprising and interesting, Went and sat on the building where I found that poster. Peeped inside and found many people holding some or other kind of food or drinks in their hand are going here and there. One small kid holding some popcorn in a cone-shaped paper container was running towards his father. He suddenly fell on the ground. All popcorn fell on the ground. His father did not bother about that and took him to buy another one. Nobody around bothered too. Many walked over the food. I was very hungry. I did not have proper food since last couple of days. I thought, if any way I can get inside I eat those popcorn then nobody will shoo me away, because nobody needs it. Then noticed one of the windows were open. Flew to that window and observed for few minutes. After sometime people left through one or other door. Only the people who were selling these food items were there. I found it perfect time to grab the food. Flew inside the room and started eating one. You won’t believe how tasty that was. I can’t believe how these humans can waste these kind of tasty food. Then suddenly from somewhere one person came with a big stick with a cloth on one end and started mopping the floor. He was cleaning all these popcorn from the floor and throw them in the dustbin. I tried to increase my eating speed so that I can eat as many as possible. But he came near me looking at me and making some strange noise ‘hsss’, ‘hsss’. I got scared and flew away towards the window through which I came but in a hurry could not recognize that one among so many similar looking windows. I was in panic now. Then found one big door open. I flew through that. As soon as I entered through that, that door closed and that  was a big room with a big screen in it. Then I saw there were so many strange-looking birds on that screen. Found the story interesting but not real at all. They have tried to impose human emotions to birds. I never saw any of my fellow birds hurting another birds unless they are hungry or threatened. Anyway, I was in no mood to become a movie critique but was surprised to see people not having time to watch us flying in sky but spending time, paying money to watch them behave like humans.For me it was very important to find way out of this dark room and strange building. One baby cried inside the dark room then his mother took him outside the dark room.  When the door was open, I flew out without delay. Then I was back to the food area. Now the challenge was to stay safe and find the open window. After few minutes I could locate the window that was half open. Went straight there and tried going out through the opening. But suddenly found myself stuck one hanging wire. To save myself I took support of another wire and there was a blast. I found myself burning before I could think anything and do anything. I fell on ground, crying out of pain and very thirsty. There were hundreds of people in that location. All were shocked and had a pity face. They all felt bad for the pain that I was going through. and I could understand in their facial expressions but nobody came to me and gave me two drops of water that I needed badly. I could not wait for long to bid goodbye to this world.


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

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3 thoughts on “One day at Inox

  1. well…had i been there i’d have done something to save ur life… 😦
    very imaginative…
    it is difficult to think from other’s point of view… lucky birdie!

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