Noisy Shoes

“Kuinch Kuinch Kuinch Kuinch” an irritating noise that drew everybody’s attention. All members on the floor started looking for the source of this noise.

They noticed a dirty pair of shoes. This added to their irritation. Some were in the middle of their complex analysis and many were in the middle of a serious business thought. It not only broke the silence on the floor but also made them do re-analysis or re-thinking of the stuff that they were doing just before this funny noise. This sound was very familiar to the kids shoes which were designed to make noise so that kids enjoy the sound. Here in office nobody working on a kid’s stuff so this noise was a very unwelcome one.

Attention gradually moved from the shoes to the person. Then they discovered this is the noise from the same person’s shoes, who complained about loud music and mobile ring tones in office just few days back. “How can the same person say something and act something exactly opposite?” this thought caused Irritation to climb up the ladder and reached at its peak. Some thought of getting up and complaining but stopped doing so as this may look unprofessional. But controlling frustration and natures call are very similar. Although you try your best but your face will say it all. Every person passed by, spoke a ton with their facial expressions. Some smiled to convey the message and some gave an angry look.

There were many people on the floor who did not even know him as he was a very unsocial person. He not even smiles at people when there is an eye to eye contact. They never bothered to think about him. So, they had neither good nor bad impression about this guy. But after this incidence, everybody became his critique. They started hating his face, dressing sense, way of talking and gradually everything. Their hatred continued increasing day by day.  It came to a stage where, if people see him while entering office, they assumed that the day will be a very unlucky day for them.

One night, this guy was working till late night. He needed a cab to go back home but had not booked any. Now it was very late. He finished his work at 2:00 AM and went to the car parking facility. He requested the security guard to allow him to get into the cab. Security officer allowed but said that he has to confirm with other members if they are willing to adjust, because it is already full. He went and found the members from his floor. He thought it will be easier to convince them and went and requested them. They said “No” instantly and asked the driver to start the vehicle. This guy requested a lot but they were not ready to accept. The same group of people have many a times allowed extra people in the same cab but this time they did not allow him. It is because the amount of hatred that was there in their heart for him.

This guy had not done any harm till date to anybody except wearing a dirty, noisy shoes. But this small dislike grew to hatred because of lack of communication between the two parties. He had to wait till 6:00 AM in the morning to catch an auto and go home.

– Stray Dog


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