Invisible Corner

“How much time will you take to get me some more Daal? You don’t even know who am I, you will lose your job if tell this to superintended” one of the hostel ward shouting at the mess boy . As soon as he finished another started from the other corner, “I am sitting here for last 15 minutes and nobody has even looked at me, what kind of service is this. Not sure why we are paying so much of money for dinning charges”. Abuse from all corners of the room for the mess boys who are responsible for serving food to all the wards. Their job is to get a clean serving tray, which has separate sections for rice, dal, curries, roti and pickle, fill each section with different items prepared that day and then serve the plate. They try their best to do it as per first come first serve basis. So that the person who comes first gets the food first. But size of vocal cord, muscles, body weight and fathers influence used to disturb the first come first serve rule. But they still used to try their best without bothering much about the abuses.

A thin, ugly-looking, uncool dressed guy from a small town entered this dining hall on his first day. He stood there to find a place for him and to understand the situation there. He was dumbfounded by the behavior and the mannerism people are demonstrating in order to get a plate of dinner timely. He found a corner where nobody was sitting. Nobody ever chose that place because you are not visible from that place. He went and sat there as there were no other vacant place..His room-mate said, “Don’t go there, otherwise you will get that food at the end. At that time the quality of food that would be left will not be edible”. He suggested to stand and wait for any premium place where your voice can reach the mess boys and you will be visible as well. This guy observed the situation carefully and thought for sometime, then said his room mate “I will do one small experiment, you can continue your luck at the premium location”. He went and sat in that corner. It was 8:00 PM when he sat there and it was at 10:30 PM when he got his dinner plate. As usual there were no good food left there in the kitchen to serve him. He ate whatever was served quietly and when done he found the only other people sitting in that mess were the mess boys. He smiled at them and left the mess. When he reached his room, his room-mate was sleeping peacefully. Hearing the sound of the door, he woke up and said “So Dr . Failure, how was your experiment?” and he slept again. This guy went and slept in his bed.

He continued the same practice. He will enter the dining hall at 8:00 Pm and take his place and sit quietly. In some rare occasions he got food by 9:00 PM but mostly he used to get his plate after 10:30 PM, when the dinning hall is empty. Some people even wrote his name in that corner of the dinning hall. He had only one response, smile. Almost a month passed and now the mess boys started noticing him. Out of all the differently super-abled people, they found one person who used to smile at them and never shouted even once. Almost after a month, one of the mess boys before starting his dinner went inside kitchen and got one omelette for this guy which was not there in the menu. He looked at the mess boy with surprise and the mess boy said “Eat sir!! I prepared it for you. There is nothing left in that curry.”. He acknowledged and thanked with a broad smile. Slowly as days passed by, he started getting his plate earlier that the previous day and sometimes with extra stuff. The same extra stuff for which others had to demonstrate their physical, financial or social power in order to get. Then almost after two months, his plate used to be ready at 8:00 PM and as soon as he used to enter the dining hall his plate used to be served at his place without any delay. There were many people with power protested about this but the mess boys did not bother. They used to serve him extra stuff everyday. This continued for next 4 years i.e. his entire tenure at hostel. Mess boys changed, their manager changed but special treatment towards him did not change.Surprisingly he hardly ever spoke to any of them. There were some occasions when he went outside and came to hostel late or he was sick not able to come to dinning hall, these boys used to serve his plate at his room. They never expected any tips for this service.

The people with various power continued flexing and demonstrating their power throughout the four years and the hardly achieved any permanent success.

So ultimately he got special treatment from an unknown bunch of people only through his consistent and patient effort. Power is something which others do not have.We often confuse power with Money, Social Status, Designation, Physical built up etc. Being different is the first characteristic of a powerful person. Then remaining different is the ultimate characteristic of a powerful person. Among a bunch of good people a bad person can become powerful similarly among a bunch of bad people a good person can become powerful.Above all it is important to be consistent.

– Stray Dog

– Stray Dog

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6 thoughts on “Invisible Corner

  1. Sakti, another great story that kept me enrapt with its details. I could imagine the mess boys slogging away setting up the food trays as the impatient bullies tried to push ahead. What a wonderful message that’s certainly universal!

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