Why I love Vadodara? Part I

“Maja Ma?“ He asked when he met me in the lift.  This means ‘Happy?’. I smiled at him to convey the answer in affirmative. This is the way how people greet here in Vadodara (or Gujarat). I never realized anything special about this, till my father pointed this out. Anywhere in this world you go, people ask questions like How are you? or What is the news? etc. This is the only place in the world where people know that you are happy and they ask just to confirm. Which proves that people here are content and happy always, and expect other to be the same. Some people ask “Shanti?” showing their palm towards us. Which means, they know we are in a peaceful state, just want confirmation. This was my first introduction to Vadodara culture. This is the first and foremost reason why I love this city.

I have very little knowledge about this great city but I love this city. I have lived in many cities of this country and visited couple of cities abroad as well. But could never like any other city as much as I loved Vadodara.

When I first came to Vadodara, I had hardly any expectation from this city. I was ignorant about the fact that there is one airport here. That is because I was searching as Baroda and was not able to find it. This is not the only city in this country which has gone through name changing process but I see nobody minds here if I call it as Baroda. People are fine with any name you choose to call this city. This is one more reason to love this city.

I reached here on 16th June, 2007 evening. I had my room booked at Express Hotel on R.C. Dutt Rod. The next day, I went on a city tour by walk.Walked till railway station in one side and race course in another side. I hardly found any traffic on road during my walkathon. I was still in the ‘Bangalore mode’, so seeing the thin traffic, I felt as if I am walking in a park while walking on the road. This is another reason I love this city.

Then I started searching for a rented accommodation so that I can bring my family. After few day’s search, I found a place/society where I chose to live. A place where I got the same feeling as I used to get when I was a kid. Although there was a big playground in the society but kids were playing everywhere, considering entire society as their own. One example is, some kids were hiding in somebody’s house while playing hide and seek, where neither the kids know the owner of the house nor the owner knows the kids. I could never imagine existence of this kind of environment in the cities at current times. This was one of the reasons I love this city.

When I brought my family here it was in the month of October. Navratri was going on. I went to see Garbha at ‘United Garbha Ground’. That was the first time I got the opportunity to witness Garbha. I was amazed to see groups of people consisting grand-parents  of 80+ year old till grand children of 7- year old are in a group and dancing with the beautiful song that is played. What an amazing scene? Entire family dancing together. I also learnt that members of the family who stay abroad, come to the city during this festive season in order to celebrate together. I fell in love with this city again.

Then after watching Garbha at around 12:00 midnight we went to have dinner. There were shops open everywhere because of Navratri. After dinner we were coming back home. On the way I saw young girls wearing jewelries are walking on a deserted road.They were relaxed and busy talking to themselves.  Which is a scary scene in any other city. This was not an isolated scene. I saw this several times and never heard of any untoward incidence. I fell in love with disbelief.

After a good night sleep when I woke up in the morning, I found several birds of different variety which I had never seen in my life on my verandah. They all were singing songs in various languages which I am not introduced to. I had not seen so many birds at our home in the cities where I lived before coming to Vadodara. This added another reason to my list why I love this city.

Then after few days, In order to get LPG connection I was needed to have a ration card. I enquired about it and found the place where I can get it. I went there and expected a chaotic, corrupt and inhuman office. But unlike my expectation, I saw a very professional, organized and modern office where I had to spent couple of hours to get the entire process done without any hassles.  Don’t you think this is another reason to be added to the list ‘Why I love this city?’.

While on the road in my bike one day I had hit another bike. None were hurt but there were hundred reasons for the other person to shout at me. He looked at me and made a polite gesture “What is this?”  and carried on. I was surprised and I carefully observed many other accidents. 80% of times the scene after accident is like this. I could not stop loving this city.

Then one morning went to buy some stuffs. I had a Rs 100 note and the bill was Rs 80. Shopkeeper did not have Rs 20 change. He said “Rs 20 Jama”. I could not understand. Then after lots of thought and his explanation I understood that he will keep the Rs 20 with him and will adjust in my next purchase. Such a strange thing for me. I had heard of ‘Baki’ but never heard of ‘Jama’ in my life till then. This is a way to ensure people will come back to that shop at least once to recover that Rs 20. What a beautiful way of business and this shows how people trust each other. Shopkeeper knows that I do not know him, but he still expected me to believe that he will return me Rs 20 next time. I loved this city.

There are many other reasons which I can list but I will do that next time. It is time to get ready for office.

– Stray Dog


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10 thoughts on “Why I love Vadodara? Part I

  1. Amazing man. Love to see a non gujju, non barodian knows\express such a nice thoughts about city then those who are from Baroda. Btw don’t miss understood, i m also a non barodian, and used to like this city a lot…but from last few months start losing faith in this city and the growth of it . Your words help me one more time to fall in love with this city :):) Especially i like the first paragraph. A superb observation and analysis.

    BTW I am posting this comment on blog only after reading your request to Nisarg, though it won’t help you to motivate :):):) just kidding.

    Last, I agree with Nisarg that it would be great to come with second part as well as with scope of improvement so that we can make this place better than any other

    1. You are one of my few motivators. I am glad that you liked it. I will come up with the parts in between 1st and last part after few days. I poured what I had, now I have to absorb. Thank you for reading.

  2. Never heard such genuine words so far for city close to my heart ! Thank you Sakti! Waiting for second part. Also share scope of improvements…we all will work together to change and make this place epitome of peaceful home.

  3. Amazingly described, it is said naa people who are near and inside take things for granted and do not know what it outside either it be the city or work place. I am too not from baroda but its now 12 years that I shifted from bombay oopss mumbai and have seen how this city has emerged. This city has given me lot and lots. ohh and not to forget the amazing 9 days of Navratri which is sheer fun.

  4. You are too good in observations and very well described. I’m belonging to Vadodara district and my love towards this city started when I had to leave her for Ahmedabad for 5 years. I was desperate to come back and so I did it in 2007.
    It is because of this nature that you described, Vadodara is called cultural capital of Gujarat, and people who get chance to stay here, becomes Barodians.

    Waiting for the second part. 🙂

  5. Shakti, I have to agree with all the others’ comments. Your observation and insights about this city were very touching. So happy to hear such cities still exist!

  6. Good writing style, buddy… I am shifting from Mumbai to Baroda and hope
    to have a pleasant experience.

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