“Benga kahe Benguli lo Mahi Khyana khyana ku ana” This is a saying in Odia language, which means, Frog is telling its wife this world changes every moment.

The world around you can change in a second to a completely different world. Your most comfortable location can become extremely difficult place to live. The most difficult location can become the best place you have ever lived. The person whom you hate the most can become your friend in real need. Change is inevitable and trust me if there will be no change for some time you will get bored of life. We always look for changes. When you aspire for something you put all your efforts to achieve it and you think, as if achieving it is your only goal in life. After achieving it and enjoying for few moments, you look for something new and different. You feel as if getting the one that you just achieved was not the one is much less that what you deserve. This struggle continues. If you stop for some time, this world will not stop for you. It will continue changing and leave you behind. When you wake up, you will find you are in a changed world.

Usually people stop changing and chasing the changes this world expects you to be part of, at a certain age/stage. They feel content and let the world pass by. That’s the time from when generation gap starts building. They assume the world stopped at the place where you left it but it did not. Then they start disliking all the changes and live rest of your life complaining.

Life is like a river and you are expected to go upstream. The moment you stop putting efforts you will go downstream.

– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

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