Why should I listen?

Speaking is such a pleasurable act. When I am speaking and it is about some topic for which I have a say, I feel as if there is a river flowing from the top of my brain and smoothly crossing all barriers reaching my vocal cord. I feel, as if I am meditating.

Sounds funny!!!! then you may not understand my pain.

Sounds familiar!! then you already know what I am going to convey here.

Many a times I override others and make sure my thoughts take the shape of words and go to everybody’s ear. Which also means, other’s please shut your mouth and listen to me. It is not that I do it intentionally but I feel intoxicated when thoughts flow and can not realize what is going on around me. Whenever anybody speaks to share his/her thought, My brain immediately relates to a similar incidence that I encountered and then starts itching me to turn on the tap of thoughts. Then first thing that switches off is my ears. They do not listen anything, even if they listen, they do not understand anything. Then it starts the flow.

Once I am done with my thought or if somebody overrides my thought then I start realizing that, I was actually being impolite, insensitive and arrogant. Then I feel guilty of my act. Observing me silent for few minutes, somebody else starts sharing their thought. As usual my brain relates to another incidence which I know. This process continues as long as there is somebody around.

The above disease is known as poor listening skills. But One thing I could never understand, how can you listen keeping your thoughts in a limit. When I listen something, I imagine that situation and somehow I find myself or any of my friends or any of my family member or somebody there.

Many a times I try to put a conscious effort not to speak and let others speak. Trust me, I really listen to them. Try to just listen and imagine that moment. Put that person in the imaginary world than myself. I enjoy that too. At the same time, I see the other person who was sharing his/her thought also enjoyed enormously. So here both the speaker and the listener are happy and enjoyed.

Listening is a gift of god. You not only make yourself happy by listening but also others around you. I heard somewhere, that is the reason god has given us lips so that we can shut them but there is no flap for ears. So, nature has made us to listen always and speak only when expected to speak.

I remember there was a situation, when one of my friend was sad and was not sure why he is sad. Somehow I was there beside him and asked “What happened?”. He was reluctant to share anything. Specifically knowing I am a talkative person, and there having many possibility of me cutting him short, and start my story. But I somehow convinced him that I am really interested to listen. Then he started explaining his situation, his thought and feelings. I just listened. No utterance of single word, no advice, no Gyan. He continued for an hour or more and then kept quiet. After couple of minutes of silence, He said, “I think I am wrong”. He realized his mistakes, he found ways to solve his problem and he was a happy man at the end of the day. He thanked me and went home. Now when I thought, what was my contribution to solve his problem. There were absolutely none. I had just lend my ears to him so that he can speak his mind.

Listening can solve many problems. Understanding starts with listening. Caring starts with listening. So beautiful life too starts with listening.


– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Why should I listen?

  1. Sakti, you are not afraid of laughing at your weakness that we all share but often are afraid to admit. And then you can express your ideas with humor and in such an original way. I look forward to reading your other posts.

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