Leadership – Spiritual

Leadership is a spiritual activity. You lead by your spirit, thought, your devotion, not just by action. If you act like a leader without the movement of your inner world then you are faking leadership. A churn of thoughts must happen within your mind before you even make a single move. You must believe in … Continue reading Leadership – Spiritual


“Extremely frustrating! How can he say this to me? He is blaming me and trying to convince others that I have made a blunder. Unacceptable!!! I am going to reply to this immediately. I will teach him what I am up to. How dare he even say this to me when his designation is much … Continue reading Hate!!!

Appreciation in Public!!!???

“Vishal, Now I am convinced that you favor some members in the team. Undoubtedly. I know, saying this to you directly may cause loss of job but I am not scared like others in the team who speak in other’s back but do not dare to speak up front.” Karnik was sweating in an Air Conditioned room … Continue reading Appreciation in Public!!!???

Renewed Leader

“I will teach him what I can do. What he think about himself?” Samay said with great frustration about his supervisor. Vishal asked with a surprise, “What happened Samay? Nilay used to be a very good friend of yours. Now how come you are so angry with him.”. “Friend, huh!! He was friend till he was not made … Continue reading Renewed Leader

Meets Expectation!!!???

“Sir, Taxi??” one person asked Vishal while he was coming down the stairs of Vadodara Railway station. In any other occasional he would have just ignored and walked straight to the auto stand to catch one auto to his home. This time is different, he is coming with his newly married wife. It was a … Continue reading Meets Expectation!!!???

Making of a Leader

Rakesh, one of the senior members of the team whispered at Rohit’s (another senior member) ear “Hey, Did you hear that? That kid is going to be our lead”. Rohit stared at Rakesh for few seconds in shock and said, “Are you sure? How did you know that?” . Rakesh said, “Yes, I over heard senior manager discussing about … Continue reading Making of a Leader

Why should I listen?

Speaking is such a pleasurable act. When I am speaking and it is about some topic for which I have a say, I feel as if there is a river flowing from the top of my brain and smoothly crossing all barriers reaching my vocal cord. I feel, as if I am meditating. Sounds funny!!!! then … Continue reading Why should I listen?

Juniors.. Ahh..

This blog is a counterview with respect to my blog Senior.. huh? . It is very easy to understand and appreciate what are others duties but it is difficult to realize what my duty is. In a competitive world there is nobody sitting there just to help me in doing my own duties. It is … Continue reading Juniors.. Ahh..

Senior Huh?

Senior is a senior as long as there are juniors following him/her. Usually number of years is the criteria to identify who is a senior or junior. But just that may not be enough. If a person knows something, but does not share that information periodically and voluntarily in an organized manner, then there is … Continue reading Senior Huh?

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