Novice Blogger’s Confession

Sharing our thought is very important part of our life. Thought may be useful or completely  useless. It may have of some value to others or may be absolutely of no use. But, we feel good when we share and somebody listens to it quietly without objecting. If somebody supports that thought and adds something to it you feel so good.

I never fail to share my thought irrespective of whether others are interested of listening or not. I may cut it short if, I see dull eyes looking at me but do never abort it. Then one day I got sometime to write the thought and post it. Every hour I opened it to see whether anybody has put any comment on it or not, but none. It disappointed me but as usual kept on writing one after the other. Then one fine day saw a link called ‘Site Stat’ and clicked on it there it showed the number of people visited the site. ‘WOW!!!” I shouted. There were 290 views. I wanted it to get 300 views and make it a round figure. I kept visiting my blog and then that link several times to make it 300 but I saw it was not increasing at all. I was disappointed as well as confused. Then noticed a small note at the bottom of the page ‘Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your site.’. I laughed and said ‘Okay!!!’. Then what is the next option? Started pinging all my friends (even them, whom I have not talked with for years) and asked “Did you read my blog?”. They did not give a very positive response, neither they showed any excitement of the fact that I AM WRITING BLOGS, so was bit disappointed once again. Then as usual went to my thought mode. Then questioned myself “Why should anybody read my blog? Why am I writing blogs? What am I achieving by writing”?”.

The reason I am writing blogs is because I love to share my thoughts. I want my thoughts to get some shape than remain abstract. This is better than speaking  because others might not be interested at all when I am telling something, but had to listen me because they do not want to be rude. But I am torturing them by giving useless GYAN which they do not need or is absolutely nonsense. So keeping my nonsense to myself is better than throwing on others. The advantage with blogs is that others can just ignore it but I am satisfied because I shared my thought.  So no public torture. If by any chance, anybody, likes it then, they will comment on it and add some thought to it which will inspire me. That is the reason, I am writing blogs. So, I convinced myself not to worry much about number of views. This satisfied me to some extent.

The most difficult part for a novice like me in this field is lack of vocabulary. You have thoughts but you do not know how to express it. Then second problem is command over the language and third most disadvantageous point is poor grammar sense. Now these can be improved by reading more, listening more than just spitting in public. But I will improve that one day. My day has not come yet, waiting for that day. 

– Stray Dog


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