Leadership – Spiritual

Leadership is a spiritual activity. You lead by your spirit, thought, your devotion, not just by action. If you act like a leader without the movement of your inner world then you are faking leadership. A churn of thoughts must happen within your mind before you even make a single move.

You must believe in your move. You must be truthful about your move. You must be quick in your move but it can not be just a random move.

You can not be obsessed with yourself while making moves where you want yourself to be known as a leader. A leader always makes selfless moves. Impractical many say and theoretical others but practice it and see the beauty.

Discipline is essential and applicable only to self. Like sun. You follow the discipline but do not enforce. If you are a great leader, others just follow you. There are times you may see people not following but that’s your lacking as a influencer not others.

Single occurrence of stealing (Taking others credits), lying (Giving false information) and holding (not sharing the fruit of efforts) takes the title of leader from you for the lifetime.

Leader is always awake to find new paths, vigilant of problems, prompt in action. A few seconds doze might make your followers suffer.


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

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2 thoughts on “Leadership – Spiritual

  1. I agree with what you consider are essential qualities of a good leader.
    Thanks, for keeping us mentally and spiritually alert, Sakti.

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