I am Blessed!

Situation 1:

Many years ago when colleagues questioned me how do I manage to get along with every manager and never had to face any roadblocks in career growth I used to answer, I know 101 ways to manage my manager jokingly. Then the next response used to be, “Why don’t you write a book about it?”. I used to nod with affirmative.

About a decade back I moved the beautiful city of Bharat called Baroda which gave me a lot of time to introspect and inspired me to start writing blogs. Some of my blogs were well appreciated by my friends. They often used to ask, “You write well, Why don’t you write a book?”. I used to respond affirmatively.

But a fear used to bite me back while thinking about writing a book. Please read situation 2 to understand the fear.

Situation 2:

I am always in a jolly mood at work and never lost any opportunity to entertain myself. I used to sing loudly sitting at my desk while doing the work of a software engineer. One day a colleague of me who used to sit in my adjacent cubicle came close to the cubicle separator and said, “Sakti, you sing really well.”

I got this comment/compliment first time in my life besides my mother. My mother always strongly believes that I am a great singer and when I was a child she used to ask me to sing in front of guests. But I knew that I am a horrible singer. But anyway, if you have a single person left to appreciate you in this world that would be your mother.

So when my friend gave me this compliment with all seriousness, I smiled with great difficulty to hide my proud feeling to believe that I am a good singer. I nodded my head and thanked him.

He asked, “Why don’t you sing in radio?”. This was a shock for me, but FM radio had started it’s new innings at that time so I thought I might be a good candidate in the new world. I responded hesitantly, “No! I never thought about it …”

My internal happiness was unable to keep itself within my modest body language. Then he said after a long pause, “At least I can switch off the radio in that case.”

I was shattered, but that was the most appropriate ending to this conversation I knew.

Back to situation 1:

When friends used to ask me to write a book I used to always relate to the singing story and think that they are asking me to write a book so that I stop blogging or talking.

But over time I accumulated enough courage to start thinking about it and finalized the title, How to manage your manager?. But I am a slow starter, so it took a couple of years to begin writing first few words for it.

Now with all blessings, I could finish writing my book and the ebook format will be published on 1st March. I shared the news on Facebook, and the overwhelming response I got from my friends in Facebook is actually making me nervous.

I am in the process of getting a publisher to get printed copies for India as Kindle Direct Publishing along with eBook, helping me get printed copies for the USA and some other countries but they do not have the same facility in India. I will keep you all updated about the progress.

I feel blessed to have so many well-wishers and friends who encouraged me and continuing to do so despite my limited ability in the field of writing.





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