School Hunt and Stray Dog

You don’t know….? Don’t tell me….? Yes… (sigh) Stray Dog decided to leave Baroda and come back to Bangalore.

Stray Dog’s  (Let’s call him S-D) core nature is to remain stray. Yes, Baroda was his favorite lane. He has expressed his feeling time to time about Baroda, why he loves Baroda etc but as much as Stray dog likes a place, more than that his love is to stay away from becoming pet.


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But this time S-D is having a new challenge. Finding school for his puppies.

Everybody said, schools are everywhere, you must find a place to stay first, then find schools nearby.

Very good!! Stray dog started searching for some schools which allows stray puppies in middle of a session.

Found some but then his friends said, kids can travel with lesser pain because they go early in the morning and come in the afternoon when there will be not much traffic. So find a house near your dustbin.

Ahh!!! excellent. So S-D found a house next to his dustbin. Very happy!!!

Now he starts looking for school and finds some schools which can take puppies mid-term but those are some 10 Kilometers away. Then some come and say, you better stay near the school otherwise kids will struggle.

Woofff!!!! Wooffff!!! S-D is frustrated.

– Stray Dog



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One thought on “School Hunt and Stray Dog

  1. I think 10kms is not a huge distance as long as your kids can reach school in 30 to 40mins.. Welcome back to Bangalore!

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