“Am I doing it right? Is this what I am supposed to do at the moment among all the different tasks pending? Spending time here might satisfy my personal desire to become a writer one day but what about the responsibilities I have towards family, friends and society.”, These questions killed my spirit of writing while I attempted to write and spend hours in front of the computer.

After a wrong struggle, I was about to start writing, I recalled that I have to buy medicines and I must do that first because health of family comes first. Then I quickly made my computer sleep and went running towards the parking lot. A small but irritating thought again came to confuse me, “Should I take my bicycle or car. Bicycle will help me take care of my health and cover the missing portion of exercise but it will get me late”. Then considering the need to come back with medicine within 30 minutes made me drop my idea of bicycle riding.

I started my car and went to buy medicine. I recalled that I forgot to finish some repair work at home which I mist finish when I return. As my car had rolled few meters I started hearing instructions.

  1. Press the clutch
  2. Change to 2nd gear
  3. put break now
  4. Honk
  5. honk
  6. honk you idiot
  7. press clutch again
  8. change gear

It was as if somebody is remotely managing me and giving me every bit of instruction. It was so irritating. I thought this might be one feature of this new car and kids might have activated this feature while playing with the set up least evening. I spent few minutes searching but couldn’t find any. I started my car again and instructions started pouring in. I shouted, “Can you please stop irritating me? Can you please stop!!!!”. And surprisingly the instructions stopped. I realized that this was a voice enabled software.

A minute later I reached the medicine store. While coming back home I started hearing the instructions again and I shouted similarly. It stopped instructing me.

But I heard somebody speaking. “What is irritating dear friend? Don’t you find these instructions helpful. It is telling you what to do when. What is right thing to do and what is wrong. Why do you find it irritating?”

I was unable to find the source of this voice but assumed this might be a ‘Siri’ type of feature. I responded, “Are you serious? Do you think step by step instructions help? It might be helpful when you are learning but a efficient driver never needs step by step instruction. Actually an efficient does of any fields needs to step by step instruction.”


“Ohh is it? I thought you would like it. This is based on the step by step instruction you are giving to your body to drive this life.”, It replied.


“What?!!”, I said. I was shocked to see the intelligence they have put with this siri like software. I had reached home and had to deliver the medicine but I wanted to continue talking to this smart guy. I went running home and gave the medicine and said that I will be back in few minutes.

I came back, started the car’s system and asked, “Who are you?”. I did not hear anything back. I tried to see that system is properly turned on. Then I started my car ignition and started taking but no response. Then I drove for a while still no response.

I was extremely upset to lose the flow of communication. I came back to my kids and asked them what did they do to the car system last night. As usual, nobody owned any, fearing scolding and blamed each other for whatever bad happened like a perfect sibling at this age.

I spent the day thinking about it and finished all my work as expected or demanded. Next day I had to go to a distant village for some work. I thought I will start the audiobook while driving so that I can finish the book that I am unable to finish for a long time. At the same time I thought I must call my sisters and friends as I am unable to speak to them for a long time. This new car gives me a convenient and safe way of talking while driving due to its great feature. Again a conflicting situation. I decided to talk to my family and friends as reading a book was for personal entertainment and definitely comes at a lesser priority than talking to relatives and friends. The moment I tried to call my sister the system started giving instructions again.

  1. Take a slight left
  2. put break
  3. press clutch
  4. change to 2nd gear

That was extremely irritating at that moment but I did not want to lose this opportunity. I asked the guy, “Who are you?”


“What do you mean?”, I exclaimed.

“I mean I am the irritating you. I have been seeing you, irritating yourself for so long with too many logical questions and instructions. Life is all about living it with a flow. Like a river. It should not question so much. The direction should come from what you want to do. It looks like you are evaluating your duties, responsibilities, interest and desire in a common ground and then trying to see what wins in priority. Of course responsibilities will win and your wish and desires will fall behind. When you keep suppressing your wishes and desires for long it will change your character and behavior. You will be a slave of your responsibilities and hate your responsibilities like people hate their boss. This will make you a bad human being.” It said.

“What do you mean? I shouldn’t be doing my responsibilities.”, I asked with annoyance”.

“You must, but those should be part of your wish. As long as responsibilities is like an external job to perform, it becomes a burden but if they are part of your wish list, desire then its all your own. Don’t do things that does not stay in your heart. Which means try placing responsibilities in your heart. Then flow with your wishes and desires as your heart says. It should be a flow, which you even don’t know which turn you will take next. If you flow with it, you will enjoy your life and fulfill all responsibilities as needed.”, It stopped.

“But!!!”, I was about to ask more details about this voice.

“No But. Just do what you wish to do. Else I will instruct you every step and irritate you to the core.”,

“I preferred to stop talking and flowing with the flow of my beautiful wishes”.


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