It’s Expected

6:00 AM in a winter morning. Waking up kids for school is a tough job. The first difficulty is to wake ourselves up and be in a position to face the challenges you get when you try to wake up kids. We were successful today to get them ready for school (A cooperative family effort). After lots of love/hate, slow/fast and interesting/uninteresting actions by all parties we were ready for school. While in the car to drop them at school, I tried my philosophical stick to make it a happy beginning of the day. I asked kids, “Happy Happy Day!!!”. One of my kid responded shouting , “Not happy as my leg is paining”. Response was full of anger and sadness. As I was also barely able to keep myself awake after a 5 hours sleep I got angry and gave a big lecture on good behavior. But soon I realized that my kid was expecting a little bit of pamper, love, compassion and motivation. As he was hearing only instructions from me it was not fitting his expectation hence he was getting irritated and angry. A 3 seconds hug, 2 nice words and attention of paining (not really ) leg made him happy. Both went to school wearing a smile.

Every unexpected object, action or thought is attractive (both in positive as well as negative term). Bunch of people standing on a road makes many others stop to enquire what’s going 0n.  Every strange behavior attracts attention of people. Every unusual art form attracts many. This has become a money making formula for many. I have heard many music albums which were hotcake in the market because the singer had a unusual voice. I have seen some products (edible as well as non-edible) attracting people as if that’s the last thing on earth to acquire. I have seen many comments from people being discussed so much as if they are the creators of this universe. But the fact is that when things don’t fall in the frame of our expectation, it attracts criticism or appreciation. Rest all are usual or taken for granted.

Hence it solves the mystery why people behave strangely with you, Why people criticize or appreciate you.

Every time you see a strange behavior from anybody you must understand there is something which is not matching the expectation. Now its up to you to decide whether you care the behavior change in the person or not. If you do, it warrants for a deeper understanding of the mismatch and so on.


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One thought on “It’s Expected

  1. Sakti, thanks for a thought-provoking post to start my day. It will hopefully stop me from making snap judgments and from reacting reflexively in some of my interactions today.

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