An Unique Interview

“We meditate on the adorable glory of the radiant sun; may he inspire our intelligence.” being repeated again and again by some students just  before the interview in the reception area. They all have closed their eyes and looking bright. 

I being one external yet final interviewer found it strange and worth investigating. By just saying repeatedly to improve intelligence nobody becomes intelligent. This is an interview to select best 10 candidates from a lot of 1000 who have queued in front of this office door.  Only 37 out of them made to reception area. I have been given the veto power to chose the best 10 out of these. I being a hater of people who seek help of external source to make themselves successful wanted to teach them a lesson and in my mind I had rejected them. There were 4 of them.

I called all others one after another and I had almost selected 10 candidates before I called these students for interview.

“Good Afternoon Sir!”, one of the students greeted me. He was standing inside the room.

“Come in!”, I said. “You are Nikhil. Right?”

“Yes Sir. I am Shriman Nikhil Sahoo”, he said.

“Ohh! Shriman. Why Shriman? Any way.. Then nice to meet you Shriman Nikhil Sahoo, I am Shriman Sakti Prasad Bagchi.”, I said trying to make fun of him.

“I am the perfect combination of completeness and incompleteness which makes me one of the beautiful creations of this nature. I am source of abundant positive energy which will help me serve others better. Hence I am Shriman.”, Nikhil said.

“This is not a religious institution and I do not want philosophical lectures.”, I said after being offended by a complicated yet appropriate response to my question which was meant to offend him.

“Sorry Shriman, I thought you wanted answer to the question”, He said.

“Okay, leave that there and don’t call me Shriman anymore. Sir is simple and good for me.”, I said to close the chapter there.

Then on I asked technical and analytical questions which would have broken my back. He took time in some cases and in some cases very quick but answered all of them up to my satisfaction. I had no reason to place him anywhere beyond the first among the 10 positions. I was shocked and surprised with this much of knowledge an fresh out of college having. Many experienced members fail here. I could not stop asking this question to him.

“How do you know so much? It would take years to learn and understand these many things?”, I asked

“Our mind is a powerhouse of intelligence. It can absorb, retain and reflect beyond any simple human can imagine. Adhyayan of any subject helps absorb. Meditation helps realize our mind that we have certain knowledge which helps retain the knowledge, fearless and stress-free mind helps present the knowledge at the right time without any filtration.”, he said.

“What is adhyayan?”, I asked.

“In order to understand fundamentals of any subject by observing, understanding and studying is called Adhyayan.”, He responded.

“I saw you were saying  ‘We meditate on the adorable glory of the radiant sun; may he inspire our intelligence’ at the reception area. Why is that?”, I asked.

“This is to make ourselves realized that we know stuffs and these needs to be invoked in order to present them in front of right people at the right time and not get tense or fearful. Sun being source of all the energy around it helps to take his name. It works sir”, He said.

“Glad to meet you Nikhil. I learnt a lot. You may call me Shriman in future but I have to ensure I make myself Shriman and retain it.”, I got up from my chair and did a Namaste to Nikhil out of respect for his knowledge. He did the same and left the room.

I needed a break after this to absorb all these but at the same time I was keen to meet the other 3 students sitting there who are like Nikhil.




– Stray Dog


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