My encounter with me 🙂

Life as Sakti

While coming to office I was in my usual thought mode and my auto pilot was on so I was going smoothly. Suddenly I received one error from the auto pilot software. My usual practice is to click on the ‘Ok’ button and continue but this time, I had only ‘Stop’ button available. I had to come out of my thought mode and apply break. One thin guy wearing shirt which looks like his father’s and a bag on his shoulder which might be carrying some documents came in front of me. I was extremely irritated at this activity which can be summed up on one word called ‘Non-sense’. He was as tall as me, sweating badly and wearing a loose spectacle which was almost about to touch the nose tip. He looked tired but energetic, frustrated but enthusiastic.looser but hopeful. He looked very familiar. I was not able to quickly…

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Simple living, lots of talking

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