Shanti Shanti Shanti

Arjun, A proud software engineer settled in Baroda recently. He was working in Hyderabad, chennai, Kansas city, Phoenix and now in Baroda.  You may say in past 7 years he has seen the world to great extent. He was leading life all alone but after his return to India his parents came to stay with him. After 11 year, 4 years of engineering college and 7 years of job, he got a chance to live with his parents again. Having food prepared my mother and double back-bone with father’s presence makes any boy a bold and powerful man with lion’s strength.

After couple of month’s at Baroda work started for the project he was hired for. His father was aware of it and knew that it is a big day for him. While going to office his father recited a mantra and said it will help him succeed.

Asato Ma Sad Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

He was annoyed with the ignorance level human can reach to. How can recitation of a mantra can help succeed. He questioned his father. His father said, “You have to develop enough quest to understand the meaning of it so I will explain this in the evening. Just know that peace inside and outside will help you succeed.”

He finished his day without much events and came back home to listen to his father.

He asked his father, “Can you explain the meaning now”. 

Father said, “How was your day at office”.

He said, “Nothing unusual”

“Did you get the clarity of the project, could you understand people who will be working with you,”, father asked.

“I have somewhat understanding about the project. Working with a remote office is going to be a challenge. Communication is the biggest hurdle. People are so laid back you won’t imagine. All in a hurry to go home at 6:00 PM. I made it clear, I want everybody to be in office at the right time and out when work is over. No delays will be tolerated.” he explained.

“How are you feeling after coming from office”, father asked.

“Okay, not so great but who cares. If they don’t get the things clear their project will fail. As far as people are concerned, I believe in hire and fire principle. If people don’t change then I am going to tell them to get lost”, he explained.

His father kept quiet. He looked at his father and asked, “What about you explaining the mantra to me?”

His father said, “You are not ready yet to understand but as you guys have access to internet and you can get anything thus I am telling you the literal meaning. When you will be ready I will explain you the real meaning.

Literal meaning is :

Lead me: From untruth to truth;
From darkness to light;
From death to immortality
Om peace peace peace”

Day’s went by and Arjun’s days became tougher. he was coming very late from  office. His parents used to wait for him for dinner. His father depending on Arjun’s mood used to ask, “How was your day?”. Arjun used to explain the problems with people, process and nature (Time zone difference, distance etc). His father used to listen and keep quiet. He used to give the support via body language to make Arjun feel better.

One day Arjun came to office frustrated and did not speak much at dinner and went to bed. Next day morning he got up early and sat in the balcony next to his father and said, “I am lacking something. I did so many projects but here I am absolutely failing” 

His father said, “You are now ready to understand the meaning of the Shanti Mantra. I am sure that will help you. Did you understand the meaning of it by yourself?”

“No! I didn’t get time to think about that”, he said.

“Three things spoil any environment. Now it can be your project or work environment, home or society or country or entire world.

  • Untruth
  • Ignorance
  • lack of enthusiasm

These three can be eradicated by these three,

  • Awareness or clarity
  • Truth
  • Full of life/enthusiasm

This mantra reminds us about this.

Now think of your project,

Do you think you have clarity of everything that is happening in and around your project? If not first get that.

Do you think people you are working with are truly making the environment lively or are some dead objects working for the project to earn money. Try to infuse enthusiasm in them?

Do you think you and others are speaking the truth to others and themselves. If not then have straight talks to rectify that?

Once you achieve these three, you are a winner. But remember it is not easy and you will forget it soon due to the situations so recite this mantra to remind yourself what are your top priorities.”

Arjun immediately found lots of scope for improvement. While his father was explaining he was able to exactly find the problem areas. He was happy and extremely enthusiastic now.

He worked continuously for next 6 months with lots of enthusiasm and came home and explained his father about the difference. He could complete the project in time and by the end of it he had a bunch of extremely motivated and enthusiastic people with him. They all celebrated the success of the project and their everyday daily standup meeting start with

Asato Ma Sad Gamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya
Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi


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4 thoughts on “Shanti Shanti Shanti

  1. Very nice..and true….to remain active and positive OR to come on positive side of life when we are sorrounded by our negative thoughts……..
    Not only that this is must to always keep in mind the ultimate truth that truth is the sole truth and remains forever …even after us…to be kind….aware …..and positive too…till the time we live on this earth….
    Something needs to be remembered by us finally…..which helps us , restores us , integrates us…even if it is not giving 100% results , but it shall be giving us something to think about and changing our attitude from negative to positive about Life , People , Animals , Nature , God , Earth and our existance…..
    Neeraj Jain

  2. Asato ma sadgamay
    Mrutyo ma amrutam gamay
    tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
    om shanti shanti shanti

    I think, writing anything else here spoils the very text
    Thanks again..

  3. Sakti, the mantra you quoted was calming, returning a centeredness to the things that matter. What a wonderful lesson, where we are often swept by the fast pace and work demands, leaving us little time to reflect. Thank you!

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