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Excitement to start something new, achieve something and enjoy the new found experience is always natural. Once something has started then maintaining it for few occurrences happens out of the momentum. Usually excitement fades down slowly and you lose interest from doing the same thing again and again. But, Person with true desire will not stop there and continue despite reluctances, roadblocks from inner world as well as outer.


In order words you can say doing anything is like ‘Tapasya’. It’s easy to think that I can leave all materialistic pleasures and then start seeking the truth in any subject. You do out of excitement assuming you will get results sometime soon and do not mind staying out of materialistic pleasure for sometime. But as per many Bharatiya ancient stories, Indra (King of demi gods) will always send some distractions to break the meditation (Tapasya).  As per Bharatiya culture every element of nature is considered as god so Indra being king of gods, I assume he is top most authority there who controls nature. Which means when you try to take up any long term project that requires deep concentration, dedication and sacrifice, nature will always try to distract you from accomplishing the project. As per ancient texts these are called as some tests by nature to see authenticity of your passion or desire. But as it is natural, many give up their passion or desire due to natural forces and do not achieve what they desired once to achieve.And when you fail it’s very easy. You start blaming millions of reasons around you to prove yourself that you have not failed but you were made to fail.


As per some ancient texts that some yogi went into the forests and meditated 12 years or more and then he/she got some what he/she desired. Some god came to gift him/her what he/she wanted. Sometimes one got state of the art ammunition and sometimes the boon to stay alive forever. Sometimes the kind of strength where you can not be defeated by any. I always wondered how it is possible to gift such things which can only be achieved by exercising your body or mind. Now I guess it makes some sense to me when I understand those 12 years as rigorous research without deviating attention by any materialistic distractions and the god is nobody but your inner strength. So, it makes me believe that we can achieve anything that we want with proper knowledge, strong desire and unshakable dedication. That is nothing but Tapasya.


Wish you all successful Tapasya in whatever you want to achieve in life.


– Stray Dog



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2 thoughts on “Tapasya

  1. Sakti, so happy to see your blog post after a long time. As always, I’ve appreciated your words of wisdom told simply and effectively.

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