Journey To Bharat – II

Continued from Journey To Bharat – 1

I asked them, “Then, Can you please make arrangements for my trip? I can’t wait any longer”.

Old man responded, “I have to get clearance from our home department to allow you go home. They checked you yesterday and found that 3 of your chakras are severely affected. We can’t let you go out at this stage. You are going to harm many others to at this stage. ”

I was not sure how to convince them that my family must be eagerly waiting for me and 3 months is a very long time. I am the only earning member in my family and I have so many liabilities. My family needs me.I am not allowed to go absconding at this point of time. At this stage, listening to their weird reason was extremely irritating.

I said, “I know you have done so much for me and taking care of one unknown for 3 months is not easy. I thank you from  bottom of my heart for this. But I do not understand your logic behind not letting me go. I did nor carry any chakra’s with me. I was travelling in flight and they do not allow you to carry safety pins also. How do you expect I was carrying Chakra’s. If you need some money to let me go back home then please let me know how much. you need. I assure you I will send you that as soon as I reach home. Please let me go.”, There were tears in my eyes and I was pleading.

The old man whispered something on another person’s ears. Then he told me, “It looks like you need severe spiritual healing. Do not worry. We will do everything that will help you get cured”. I said, “We have good hospitals in Vadodara, I will go there and get treated, please leave me. My family needs me badly at this moment. They are do not know that I am alive. My family must be missing me very badly.”I pleaded again. “No!! This is against our law to allow any person who is spiritually ill to go on the roads. This is an infectious disease and if you stay out for longer period of time then others will get affected. As I said, you need treatment to fix your chakras.”, the old man said in a stern voice.

“What spiritual and what chakras. Stop these nonsense. Don’t fool me you idiots. You need money, I will pay you back. Leave me now.”, I shouted. They all left the room quietly.

I found there were nobody around, I tried to get up and run away. I was not feeling much weak and desire to meet my family gave me extra strength. I slowly went near the door and from there I saw nobody was around, so I ran madly and reached the road. Then I found that this is one village. I thought, because this is a village, nobody knows anything here and talking all strange things. Let me find a nearby town and then make a phone call. After walking for half kilometer, I was feeling much tired and thirsty. I went near one house and stood there for a moment while I was thinking of asking for water. Then I saw one elderly woman came out of the house and opened the door and invited me inside. I went in and asked for water. Then she made me sit on a small mat   on the floor. Once I sat there, she went inside and brought me some snacks and water. I said, I just need water. She said, it is not safe to drink just water when your stomach is empty and you are exhausted. Take a little of the snacks and then drink water. I thought how funny these villagers are. “Pekka Idiots”.

It was very hot there. While I was drinking water, she was swinging a palm leave to cool me down. I asked her, “How far is the nearby city/town?”.

She laughed and said, “There are no separate cities here. I assume you are a foreigner. Unlike other countries, every place here has equal opportunities. If we don’t have any opportunity here, we don’t runaway to another place for the opportunities, we create opportunities. Anyway what you need?”.

“I need to contact my family in India. They do not  know I am alive and stuck here.Can you help me contact them?”, I asked.

“I can but before that you have to fix your chakras. It looks like 3 of your chakras are damaged. This is very dangerous.”, She replied

“What Chakras? I really don’t understand anything.I do not have any chakras with me. I am completely empty handed.”, I asked with anxiousness.

She smiled and said, “There are 7 Chakras in everybody. First chakra is present at the base of the spine is  known as Muladhara, which corresponds to the Sacral Plexus. The second one is known as Swadhisthana, which corresponds to the Prostatic Plexus. Manipura is the third chakra, corresponds to the Solar Plexus. Anahata the fourth chakra, is located in the heart region, and corresponds to the Cardiac Plexus. Vishuddha the fifth chakra, is in the throat region, and corresponds to the Laryngeal Plexus. Ajna the sixth chakra, is located between the eyebrows, and corresponds to the Cavernous Plexus. Sahasrara is the seventh chakra, is located on the crown of the head, and corresponds to the Pineal Gland.”

I was awe-shocked to hear these terms from a old lady, whom I though as uneducated. I could not understand most of it. I being honest asked, “What are these plexus and Glands mean?”.

She asked me with surprise, “Did they stop teaching anatomy to kids in schools? How you don’t know these vital body parts?”.

I responded proudly, “I am an engineering student. I do not need to know anatomy. I studied, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as my primary subjects during 12th. If I would have chose medicine stream then I would have studied Biology.”,

She laughed loudly and said, “So, it looks like, Countries have not come out of caste system yet. “.

…. To Be continued


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3 thoughts on “Journey To Bharat – II

  1. Sakti Bhai,
    For a long time I didnt receive the posts from you. Well, actually I didnt check my emails par se.\
    Strangely, I came across the writer (in you) in my dreams this morning and realized then that how come I didnt read any of them in recent pasts!! I was asking in my dreams, why did Sakti bhai stop posting his writing of late?
    So, then I got up and found Bharat article in my mailbox!! May be a little bit of coincidence, but certainly there is a cosmic thread connected in the whole universe..


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