Journey to Bharat – I

“Take good care of yourself Darling. I will return before you realize that I have left.”, I am trying to explain Monika as she was upset because I had to go to Boston for 3 Months on a training. Kids were happy as we all came to Airport together and they still did not realize that I am going somewhere leaving them for a long period of time. They are under an assumption that they will also go along with me. It is very late in the night and kids were tired and so is Monika. After couple of announcements to complete the security check, I said goodbye to them and went towards the security gate. Kids started crying and Monika was upset. They were there in the airport till I was visible.

I tried not to remain upset and picked some magazines. I received a text message from Monika that they reached home, kids slept and she is missing me. We had couple of text message exchanges between me and Monika till I went inside flight.

Flight journey is never pleasurable. I tried to find some comfort from the available resources. Within one hour I fell asleep. It was almost 1:30 AM India time so transition between sleep and deep sleep happened in few seconds. Sudden disturbances threw me out of sleep and when I opened my eyes I found that the flight is going down sharply and there is panic inside. Emergency doors opened and all were wearing life jacket. Pilot advised us not to panic and slide through the slider wearing the life jacket when he will say ‘Go’. I wore the life jacket and stood in the queue near the emergency exit. All were praying god and most were crying loudly. Faces of my family members were flashing in front of my eyes and I was very confused. I was not sure why to worry as I was confident that I will survive. Then pilot gave a go ahead and one by one started sliding.. There was a loud noise and I found I was in the air. There was an explosion in the aircraft.

I opened my eyes and found myself on a cot in a simple looking room. I could not find anything from which I could recognize the place. It is morning that I could realize from the smell and the chirping of birds. I was feeling very week and sleepy. I could not stay awake for long.

I woke up again after sometime and this time I found some people around me. I could not recognize any of them. One of the elderly person sat next to my head and asked me, “Who are you?”. I said, “I am Sakti”. Then the old man asked, “Where are you from?”. I said, “I am Sakti from Vadodara, India”. They all went outside of the room and  I was not sure what to ask and how to go back home. I found wounds all over my body but mostly healed. One boy came to give me something to drink. I asked him, “What is this? and How I landed here”. That boy answered in a language which sounded like Sanskrit. I can understand Sanskrit to some extent so I could understand some portions. From That I got to know that I fell from sky and I was hanging on a tree branch when his grandfather found me there. They brought me home and it is since 3 months they are treating me. I was shocked to know that my family does not have any knowledge about my whereabouts since past 3 months. I requested the boy to let me make a call to my family. He called his grandfather and ran away. His grandfather came in and asked, “We do not use telephone”. I was surprised. Then I asked him if I can go to nearest telephone booth and make a call to my family. He said, “Unfortunately we do not have any communication with any country. We have kept ourselves isolated and did not want any communication with any country. I asked, “So, I am outside India?”. He said, “Yes! This is a small island and the name of the country is Bharat”. I said,” Are you Joking? India is also known as Bharat.”. He said, “I am not joking. Our country name is Bharat and we do not consider India as Bharat. It does not hold any characteristics of Bharat. I do not want to go to any arguments. We just want you to be cured and we will send you back home.”.

… To be Continued


– Stray Dog


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