Ek Aur Ek Gyarah

An exhausted Bagmita came to bed after a day’s hard work. She was thinking of crashing on the bed but as soon as she reached the bed, her elder daughter got up crying. There is no reason why she was crying and it took another one hour for Bagmita to make her sleep. It is not uncommon, getting up early in the morning and sleeping very late in the night without any rest throughout the day is a regular practice since her husband went on a trip 3 weeks back. Managing home and office alone is nothing less than superhuman activity. She closed her eyes and started feeling the blood circulation throughout her body and her hyperactive mind was gradually ending one by one process gracefully and freeing up its resources. Suddenly a new process initiated in her mind. She remembered that a letter came on her name and she has not opened it. She ran downstairs to bring the letter. She opened it to read and was shocked to see her husband’s handwriting. She received hand written letter from her husband after 15 years. The last time she received one from him was one day before their marriage.She concentrated on reading the letter than going on dream mode.

My Dearest Wife,

You are the most unreasonable person I have ever seen in my life. You do things in certain ways which I can never understand putting all my logical reasoning together.I expected a wife who will help me do my things in my way in my absence but you are so unlike me. I do not like your activities and approaches most of the times.

Bagmita could not believe that her husband feels so bad about her. Every letter/e-mail she received from him were always romantic and full of praises which used to make her happy but this is so different. It is like he is scolding her. She was extremely upset. She had to manage everything herself and on the top of that her husband is literally scolding her. She had tears in her eyes and was not feeling like reading the letter further. Her sleep went off and mind was full of anxiety and sorrow. Still she continued reading the letter.

I had some dreams when I was a bachelor and when I saw you I thought I can certainly fulfill my dream with your assistance but you brought your dreams into picture. So my dreams got diluted and gradually vanished.

She was angry now. She thought, “Why only his dreams are meaningful and mine are not. I too saw so many dreams and thought my husband will help me fulfill those. These men are truly called chauvinist. They think this world is only made for them and women are there to just serve them. I hate them, I hate them all”. She continued reading with anger in her mind which was spreading to all parts and tears were flowing continuously.


A man alone has some qualities which can make him achieve some but not all that he wants. Woman carries the remaining qualities. Combination of both can only help achieve all that a man or woman wishes to achieve. I never understood the meaning of “Ek aur ek Gyarah” till I understood this. I would have been angry with god if HE would have given another me in form of my wife. Then my limitations would have remained the same throughout my life. But god gave me a beautiful wife in form of you to compliment me. I realize now why I can not understand your some decisions using my logical reasoning. It is not because your decisions are wrong rather because I am incompetent enough to analyze those. God gave me you to help me do more than what I can do and I guess the same is true why god gave me to you. A difference in opinion can only result a great decision not a single way of thinking. That is the reason god made us think the same thing differently. We do not quarrel when we disagree rather we put forth our views and counterviews. Like I expect you to help me in my dreams I forgot that I am also expected to help you in fulfilling your dreams. These are now our dreams. The effort of handling home alone is nothing less than a super human effort and I am greatly thankful to you for taking so much of pain to handle our family and your job singlehandedly. You are the ideal person I would have ever expected in my life and I am extremely thankful to god for giving me you as my wife.

Your Dearest Husband

PS: I sent the love letter via email because handwritten letter may reach at anybody’s hand. So to be safe. Smile

Bagmita’s anger wave had vanished long since and she closed her eyes after reading the letter. Slowly she went to sleep and then beautiful dream mode.


– Stray Dog


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13 thoughts on “Ek Aur Ek Gyarah

  1. One more master piece…there are few occations when u have tears in your eyes and smile on your face…u bring that too bhagmati and too all those who come across such situations\readers…bravo….i m jelous of you that why can’t i give something to the people which u r ginving by this form:):)

  2. as usual, no matching reply 😦
    However, I am still contemplating sending it over to my wife (over email of course), contemplating because I am unsure for me it ek aur ek 2 or 0 or 11 😦
    You are lucky Sakti bhai 🙂

    1. Life gives us surprises. So just wait and watch this thriller. You job is to be thuthful to your emotions, sincere in your efforts and rest is in the hand of GOD.

  3. Sakti, you certainly kept us in suspense while we read along with Bagmita. I liked how you stopped at each key moment for us to see Bagmita’s reaction. It certainly helped build the tension. And then you surprised with the unexpected turn when you let the words in the letter speak for themselves. Short and effective conclusion too. Sakti, you are intuitive about what devices to use to move the story along. Congratulations!

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