Cat Gyan

Early morning. Birds are busy doing their homework before starting their day. Lots of interaction between them. It mostly looks like Mother bird instructing baby birds about how to behave throughout the day etc.and baby birds are as usually busy playing and not being much attentive to mother’s instructions. This is causing mother bird to scold them loudly. And I saw the quiet father bird there watching this and never daring to put his words.

I saw a white cat walking slowly out of my neighbor’s house. I felt like singing something as I was in a very good mood and the only cat song/rhyme I know is , “Pussycat! Pussy Cat!, Where have you been?” and I sang that looking at the cat. It walked little further and turned back to give me a dirty look. It had bent its forearms so that in case of any danger it can run faster. I said, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything”. “I am not worried. I am upset with you guys” cat responded. I asked, “Why?”. He said, “Why do you people always claim that. I had been to London? I have never gone out of this society, how will I go to London. Do you guys allow animals to go via flight?”. I laughed loudly and said, “Sorry!!! But it is just a rhyme. I will instruct my kids to not to sing this rhyme. Okay! Are you happy?”. He said, “Yes’.

He walked closely towards me till I changed my standing posture. As soon as changed my standing posture, he prepared himself to run. I said, “Wait, why are you so scared always.”. He said, “I am not scared, I give importance to preparedness. I live an active life where I am always vigil. Try yourself, it will help. It is just matter of practice. Try to be vigil for couple of months and you will see you will remain vigil without putting any extra effort. But you have to be careful, If you become extra vigil then you may panic. If every citizen like you become vigil then there won’t be any mishap” I thought, “So, now time has come to learn from a Cat.” .

“Oh Okay! Yeah I will try”, I said.  I thought of pumping extra importance to him and see how his behavior will be, it will be fun to watch a over-confident cat. I asked him, “So, what else would you like to teach us humans so that our life becomes better. If you wish I can call some of my friends here and we all can listen to your prabachan.” and I was laughing in my heart. He said, “Just one thing. Look back. If you do that most of your problems will go away”. This response was surprising and it made me curious. I asked, “What do you mean by looking back?”.

“When I say looking back, I mean looking back. I always look back after doing any task. This will solve most of your problems.

You spend weekends in cleaning up the house but if you just look back after doing a task then you can save that time for some other constructive work. Example, you pull a shirt to wear and never see what you did to the tidy wardrobe. If you just look back and fix it after taking your shirt then it will remain tidy.

You come out of a room and you do not look back to see if light and fans are on. If you look back then you will help maintaining your purse weight and most importantly the environment.

You tell something to your friend and go away. If you look back then you can notice what he or she felt after listening to you. That way you can solve the misunderstanding on the spot, when it is small. Otherwise it will become as big as to break the relationship.

You honk loudly on the road to let the people on the road give you way so that you can go forward. You never think what they would have felt because you irritated them unnecessarily.

You clean your clothes with lots of water and let the water flow through sewage line. You never think back where this water is going and how much water you spent and how much you actually needed.

You write an email or a blog post and do not read it thoroughly before sending which create miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Remember, if you do not see successful ending of the task you did, then the task is worse than not done. Every task is complete when the ending is correct. Example, You start a social activity but leave it on the way then you did a bigger crime than who did not involve at all.”

“Hmm.. You are right. I am in so much hurry to do the next task that I forget the successful closure or completion of current task. This has caused a lots of problem to me.” I said. I was about to say thank you but he ran as a dog spotted him.


– Stray Dog


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    1. Thanks bunch Nisarg!! Your two bengali words filled my heart. Not because the words were written in Bengali script but because you personalized your response. I thank you for your wishes.

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