Investigation: Blogger’s Death

I found a blogger dead lying on the road yesterday. Several people were crossing by him but nobody is even looking at him. Nobody was bothered to know who died and who killed him. There were some scattered blogs all around him and flies were trying to get their bit of him before he is disposed in some crematorium.

I observed his body very carefully. There were no scar or wound to justify his death. Suddenly I noticed his eyes and got scared. His eyes were wide open. As if it is searching for something, even after death. I was wondering, what might be the thing that he was searching so curiously and desperately even at his end moments.

I noticed his heart, it was full of desperation, hopelessness and sorrow. This made me guess that he might have died because he did not get something. Now, what is that thing? It increased curiosity in me. I kept on continuing my postmortem and carefully analyzed his brain. It was thoughtless.

This surprised me a lot. How can a blogger be thoughtless? So now I started believing that because he went thoughtless so he was desperately searching for thoughts to continue his life as a blogger but unfortunately he could not get any. Hence, he died in search of thoughts. Then I picked some blogs and read them. They were very interesting ones and he wrote them just before his death. How can a thoughtless man write a blog? I was now clueless. All my earlier guesses were proved wrong.

Although I was frustrated but not hopeless. I continued my examination. Then I found a graph in his fist. Which he was holding tightly even after his death. This was his blog readership statistics. This cleared all my doubts and I directly came to conclusion.


Incidence of Investigation: Blogger’s Death

Date and Time: March 31st, 2011 at around 11:30 PM

Important evidence collected at the location: Blogs, Thoughtless brain, desperate heart, wide open eyes and STATISTICS

Cause for death: In search of popularity lost all creativity and thoughts.

Notes: When a blogger blogs to appease others then the thoughts comes from outside not inside. Blogger tries to read others mind and write blogs which will make them happy. This is also known as commercialization. It works well for some instances but when it is repeated for a longer period then the creativity and thoughts within the blogger dies prematurely.

When a blogger is much worried about the readers than the writer in him, he dies. This blogger bothered a lot about the Reader Statistics than sharing his thoughts. He tried to find ways to increase the readership but this effort killed his creativity. At one point of time he was absolutely thoughtless and that killed the blogger.

– Stray Dog


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One thought on “Investigation: Blogger’s Death

  1. I did not get much what you are trying to say…..But keep writing always please…I like to read..

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