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Heart is something that only feels but never thinks. Mind is something does not feel but thinks a lot. With these self-made definitions I am going start. If you do not think this is the right definitions then it is your minds problem (Check with Psychiatrist) and if you do not feel it is the right definition then it is your heart’s problem (Check with a cardiologist) . None of the above are my problems.

Heart starts everything. It creates desire. Then it calls its assistant who is none other than mind, and instructs, “Get that for me”. Mind thinks and tells, “I do not think it is possible to achieve it”. Most of the times Heart shouts out loud and commands mind, “Get it, It’s an order”. Mind has no other way to go. It starts its work and if it achieves then heart becomes happy. If it can’t, then heart  become unhappy and continuously scold mind saying “You are good for nothing”. Many a time this assistant (Mind) succeeds in convincing heart that it is not worth trying. Then heart stays confused for few days and then manages with it. But heart does not keep quiet forever. Again after some days will instruct the mind to get that. So this is a continuous process. So here everything is dependent on what heart feels. Happiness and unhappiness are both started by heart.

There is another one who does things silently but has great influence on heart. That guy is Conscience. It doesn’t know how to talk and when to talk. Communication problem you know. It only whispers. It tries to stop heart from doing things that it enjoys, it makes heart feel guilty. The worst part of this candidate is, it never stops heart when it starts feeling. It will only whisper when heart is on its way to achieve it. But it is not that this is a bad guy. It can console heart in a great way when heart fails to achieve although with the help of mind.

So seeing the above situation I really feel sad about this mind. It has no control over itself. Although it is the most educated among all. It puts all formulas in place and create the path. When it succeeds, heart gives it a pat on the back but that’s all, they forget it after that. When it fails even the external components call it as an idiot. It minds. You say some bad thing, it will create such a situation that it will make heart cry.


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