Juniors.. Ahh..

This blog is a counterview with respect to my blog Senior.. huh? .

It is very easy to understand and appreciate what are others duties but it is difficult to realize what my duty is. In a competitive world there is nobody sitting there just to help me in doing my own duties. It is very easy to complain that seniors did not teach me or guide me. As it is the duty of seniors to help juniors out, at the same time it is responsibility of juniors to give due respect to the seniors so that they feel happy to help the juniors. I can’t keep my doors and windows close and expect the cool breeze of knowledge come in. Here by Doors and windows I mean the mental barriers that restrict you from asking questions, absorbing the good things leaving the bad things out. There is absolutely nobody in this world who does not have some qualities which you may hate at the same time there is nobody in this world who does not have some qualities which you may like. So, there is no point in waiting for that one ‘sin-less senior’ to start learning. Learn as you get irrespective of source and method of teaching.

Below few traits out of many that keeps a junior as junior for a longer time.

1. Underestimating:

I have done so many things in my past organization or college for which I got awards and appreciations. These guys here do not know anything about it. I can do much better than these guys. This mind setup is like putting lock on the doors and windows. There is no denial that one persons knows a lot but that does not mean the seniors here are not knowledgeable. Subject of knowledge may be different from you and the senior. Once this thought overpowers, you can only see what the seniors are lacking and will hardly have any windows open to see the good qualities or knowledge that the seniors have.

2. Ignoring:

They may know many things but they have learnt it after several years here in this organization. Why should I go to them? I can also learn by myself rather than asking them. If you read a book written by an experienced person and understand it, you learn the subject in lesser time than spending again that many years to learn it. So, if you want to really grow faster, it is easier to learn it from experienced people than just ignoring them and trying to learn all by yourself. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

3. Premature competition:

This is a dangerous trait. You get into competition before you are in a position to compete. This generally happens when you are in no mood to respect another person. You get into the competition, you fail most of the times and then you start blaming everything around you for the failure. This causes frustration and ultimate failure. As

4. Dependency:

You love the fish that they gave you and do not care to learn fishing. You are used to the low hanging fruits and when times go by you suddenly see you are nowhere.

I have read in several books that in earlier days teachers used to wait for their students to get ready before they can consider them as their students. Students used to approach the teachers. Teachers used to put the student in several difficult tests to understand how eager the student is to learn. Once the student passes the tests successfully and teacher considers him/her as ready to learn then teacher used to start teaching. The reason is not to show the student that he/she is at mercy of the teacher but to ensure student has sincere respect to wards the teacher, no closed doors and windows, student is like a dry sponge before teacher starts pouring in the knowledge. This way the learning becomes faster and there remains no confusion in students mind while learning.

– Stray Dog


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One thought on “Juniors.. Ahh..

  1. Learning inculcates humbleness. Humbleness makes one deserving. Only the deserving can be taught anything. I like this blog post as it truly reflects this old saying.

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