Am I a Responsible Member of Indian Society?

I went to file my tax returns. I submitted the certificate from the donation I made to CRY (Child Rights and You) organization where it stated I have paid Rs. 3600 for education of one needy child last year. 

After filing returns, while walking back to my room I found there was a nice Vadapav stall. I went there and had cheese butter Vadapav. It was very very tasty. I asked for one more although I my stomach was full. Then started walking back to my room. On the way, I saw a pair of sparkling black eyes. These were of a small kid who was peeping through his fathers shoulder. It reminded me of my cute little son. That kid gave me a mouthful smile. It was very much similar to my son’s. I crossed that kid. Then for some reason I turned back, I noticed his father. He looked like a very poor person from his dress. He looked hungry and tired too. He was begging for money on the road. This immediately made me think, will that kid be getting one time proper food at least. Kid must be crying whole night out of hunger until tired and must have been going to sleep hungry. Suddenly somewhere from bottom of my conscience I heard a question, What am I doing here? Is paying Rs. 3600 per year for a kid is enough? My hypocritical mind responded, that’s all I can afford to pay considering so many liabilities I have. I have to pay for housing loan, personal loan, credit card and run my family. But conscience overpowered mind and asked, Am I doing anything good to this society by doing all these things that I mentioned as my liabilities. Is this society’s problems are not by responsibilities? Am I here in this society only for myself and my near ones? Am I eligible to belong to this society?

No, I am not a responsible member of this society. I have no right to ask any favor from this society. We are animals, not social ones. We live only for ourselves. The moment we see any free space for us we run and catch that. We push weaker people to get whatever we want to get. Whether its by physical, intellectual or financial strength. We can not stop and wait while driving if we see somebody is trying to cross the road. We rather try to speed up and cross that person before him. We are doing no good to this society. We have delegated all our responsibilities to so called government which hardly does anything meaningful. We do not take part in choosing government seriously. We are good for nothing. The most we do is writing a blog (sometimes with picture) and try to give lectures.

– Stray Dog


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One thought on “Am I a Responsible Member of Indian Society?

  1. It was certainly interesting for me to read that post. Thank author for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more soon.

    Kate Stepman

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