The Old Normal is Back!

Oh, Forgetful Creature of this universe, Oh inconsistent one!New Normal came and went, Old normal held the reign!Realization of illusion in materialism, Beauty of natureThe taste of home cooked food, good habits went in vain!False promises of human values, the myth of self-explorationinfidelity with nature, We all back in the old game! Sakti Bagchi It’sContinue reading “The Old Normal is Back!”

You have Time and Money

An occasional trip to woods made me realize what am I missing sitting at home with my electronic gadgets. I stopped where few trees were at a social gathering in the age of social distancing. I questioned, “How can you be so beautiful, so successful and so accomplished?”. I did not except any response butContinue reading “You have Time and Money”

Kannada Gottilla (ಕನ್ನಡ ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ)

“Hattu Rupayi“, Conductor responded when I asked ‘Estu?” after boarding the bus. I was super excited to try my kannada and get a response. But now the trouble was to understand what hattu means. I flashed a ten rupee note to him and he grabbed it quickly and returned me a ticket in no timeContinue reading “Kannada Gottilla (ಕನ್ನಡ ಗೊತ್ತಿಲ್ಲ)”

How to be RICH?

We encounter at-least one occurrence in a week (Now a days daily) where we hear somebody is seeking help. Somebody needs blood of our blood group, children and homeless elderly seeking support, people seeking job, small business seeking money or friends seeking some help. Social media has enabled us to seek help to an unknownContinue reading “How to be RICH?”

How to prepare for a crisis?

I always wondered, how much preparation for future is enough. Something like how much insurance is enough. What are we preparing for when we state preparing for future. Identity is at stake: Basic criteria of your identity are at stake, like your residence status, religion, caste, creed , sex, skin color or culture. Most ofContinue reading “How to prepare for a crisis?”

Conflict: A necessity, Respect: A tool

The drizzling Sky was looking sad. I looked at them from my window and asked what happened?. It said with disinterest, “Low pressure at the Bay of Bengal.” I laughed and said, “Why can’t you stay normal. Always low or high”. And I said, “Why can’t you guys come to some term and be friends.”Continue reading “Conflict: A necessity, Respect: A tool”

AUM : Let the learning begin

When you find you and the stone in front of you are made with the same minutest material and the difference is only in the awareness, sensitivity and purpose in this universe, you will start your journey in true sense. Ability to find the presence of your pure self in every entity of this universeContinue reading “AUM : Let the learning begin”