Rest, Resolve and Realize : Meditation Series

Many people think sitting quietly and stopping the random thoughts is called meditation and many declare that is impossible for them to do hence they don’t like meditation. With my limited knowledge I would like to share what I consider as meditation.

Resolving the unresolved, resting the unrest and realizing the truth is the essence of meditation. Let me explain you how.

A used tissue on the floor next to your work desk since last night’s snack, raising its hand and crying loudly. It pleads to pick it up and send it to its dear dustbin home. We pass through that several times but somehow did not get that motivation to bend and lift that entity and give it some solace.

A dying plant, whom you brought with lots of love, placed in the kitchen and promised to take care of, is dying out of thirst. You forget every time to pour few drops of water.

Thirty minutes of exercise, which you could have done instead of scrolling up and down through the Instagram posts and funny videos, always felt left out from your life.

These and a million other thoughts you pretend you forgot are sitting in your mind and conspiring against you every day. 

They are the ones who make you angry, sad, irritated, tired, and stressed.

Multiple priorities and our heroic belief that we are multitaskers leave many unsettled tasks poking us now and then. They are not urgent but may be essential or even unimportant, but they are constantly running in our mind at the subconscious level, and at times when we are at peace, we come to our conscious level and give us few adrenaline shots. We again push them back with the dopamine of procrastination or some other lazy reactions. They are like those jobs and apps that we do not use but constantly drain our battery and memory.

Rest, Resolve or Realize is what they need. Find some time during the day when you are your energy at its peak. Think of those pending tasks. Don’t create a To-Do. Just do it. First, pick all easy and quick ones and complete them one by one. They need 3 types of actions.

  1. Some tasks may not need any action as it is just an annoying worry. Think through up to your satisfaction and put it to rest.
  2. Some tasks require action. Act on them or at least initiate a process of taking action for those.
  3. There are some which require you to realize, learn from it, understand something. Do that.

You will find these tasks will vanish from your mind and give you so much space to do the real ones you need energy for.

And this is nothing but meditation.


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